Nemesis Game

Chapter 86 Don't Waste Time

Samantha met his sharps eyes, trying to force a smile, but she failed.

"How can no one be good to me? Gabriel takes care of me, and he gives me whatever I want. He is good to me."

Unfortunately, her relationship with Gabriel was just business.

Gabriel was gentle and modest and very easy to get along with.

But she understood that there was no love in his heart.

When she said about Gabriel, she couldn’t help smiling.

Ruben’s face darkened as he saw how happy she was when talking about Gabriel.

Gabriel, Gabriel!

He has been tortured by this name these days.

Nia was brought back to S City by Mr. Jackson. She called him as often as she could to ask him to save Gabriel, or she would die!

Ruben couldn’t get rid of Nia at all, and she couldn’t stop talking about Gabriel.

Ruben felt frustrated for the first time in his life. Was he just so worthless compared with Gabriel?

Ruben, with a gloomy face, walked to where he parked his car, and Clara quickly went to open the door in the back seat.

Ruben threw Samantha in rudely, seeing that her forehead hit the window and fell back.

Samantha was too much to wear a cheongsam, almost revealing her pants.

Seeing this, Clara hurriedly blocked the sight of Ruben.

"You are faithful to her," said Ruben, staring at Clara coldly.

"Mr. Knight... Thank you very much for today," Clara said, trembling.

"Get..." Ruben said coldly.

Clara’s eyes widened, and she didn’t make a way for him although she was frightened. "Helena is bad-tempered. I apologize for any offense she has caused."

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