Nemesis Game

Chapter 82 Came to Help

Originally the scene could finish quickly, but Luke was deliberately making things difficult, intentionally finding fault in everything, seemingly always able to find countless mistakes.

Finally, the shooting team didn’t even dare to look to the director. Instead, all of them looked to Luke.

Samantha’s hands looked terrible, they felt so painful that they were almost numb. She kept repeating the action of kneeling and her head was feeling dizzy. In the end, her condition was already very bad even without Luke intentionally finding fault with her.

Emilia had never felt happier. Now, she didn’t even need to make things difficult for Helena, the big boss was doing it for her. Naturally, she had to be as hard on her as she possibly can!

Helena was extremely arrogant in the team. Hence, it was the best opportunity for her to get her revenge on Helena now, this opportunity wouldn’t come by so soon again!

They repeated the same thing, but Luke was still not satisfied.

“Emilia, use a bit more strength later, and get it done in one shot.” Director Solomon was so guilty when he said this that he didn’t even dare to look at Samantha’s face.

There was nothing he could do.

If Luke was intending to make things difficult, he could only bear with it.

Who dared to control Luke?

Emilia took a look at Luke who was complaining that she wasn’t using enough strength, and her mouth dropped so wide that a goose egg could be stuffed in it. Was she still not using enough strength?

If she used even more strength, Helena’s hands would probably be gone!

They started all over again, and Emilia used up all her strength to trample on Helena’s hand.

Samantha felt so much pain that her whole body was trembling, and she was holding her breath.

Luke didn’t intend to let Samantha off so easily. His brows were still furrowed. Director Solomon was almost in tears, he was so worried that Samantha would be ruined from this.

There were countless retakes, Samantha’s hands were bleeding profusely, and her face was drained of all colours.

No one would think that Luke was intentionally finding fault. They would only think that it’s Emilia’s and Helena’s acting skills that were not good enough, resulting in repeated retakes.

Outside, Clara was so anxious that her tears were streaming down non-stop.

No way! They couldn’t continue like this.

Samantha’s phone and rushed out

Helena, she

it looks like the female lead picked by Gabriel isn’t any good. It’s been so long, it’s just wasting my time, we haven’t even finished one shoot… Do you think we should change a female lead?” A cool and composed Luke watched the scene from a distance. The woman who was trembling in pain on the ground had successfully satisfied his

right now, but he

What a joke!

through his intentions, but he could only go

begging you; can’t you be more professional? Are you doing this on purpose to delay everyone’s

pain and knelt, her lips were bloodshot, and her heart sunk

What could she do?

Luke would

everything would be

stood up from his seat and strolled to Samantha’s

every single word felt like a hammer

your acting skills aren’t great, so you should stop occupying the position of

head, her gaze met his, the coldness in his

couldn’t help but hold

was terrified. They all thought that the investor was angry, and Helena as

as if about to say

A scolding passed through

and Samantha were both surprised, and both of them raised their heads to

over from afar, his hands casually in his pocket. He was in a grey-silver suit, not the usual boring and serious black, and carried a touch of coldness and arrogance.

and followed behind

Samantha felt her injuries that were originally numb, suddenly became unbearably painful again. She watched

as if stepping on her battered heart. Her throat suddenly choked unconsciously, and the corner of her

and her originally straight back started

on the set, Peyton


be Clara who went

he help

to suffer, and wished her tortured and

body almost becoming stone cold, the blood in her vessels suddenly started boiling, the pain on her wounds screaming furiously.


in front of her. He looked down at her

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