My Wife Is A Gift From Heaven

Chapter 65 I Like You Very Much

"Mr. Cliff, nobody came to open the door." Ben touched his nose, not knowing what to do. He could only turn to Cliff for help.

"Wait." Mr. Cliff could only give Ben one word. Ben could only wait there obediently.

After Christina took Jack back home, she went to the company after staying with them for half a day. So she didn't know what had happened in her family.

Right now, Christina was surrounded by Carl, who was staring at her with an unfriendly face.

"Is there anything on my face? Why do you keep looking at me like this? " Touched her face, Christina felt really clean!

"I'm hoping there will be a beautiful flower on it." Then Carl looked away.

"Okay, I get it. Your brain is crazy." Christina nodded and made a conclusion that it almost pissed Carl off.

"Well done!" Carl had nothing to say, his hands trembling.

"Of course." Christina was not modest in this respect.

For the time being, Carl didn't want to talk to her because he was afraid that he would be pissed off and no one would withdraw the coffin.

When Carl went to the right side to breathe smoothly, Francis came to Christina's side and greeted her. The main topic she asked was about the Jack.

"Christina, Jack is so adorable! Can I play with him next time? " Francis might seem ordinary, but she preferred cute and adorable children, especially this kind of cute baby like Jack and Allen.

"You can, as long as you are energetic." There were people to play with Jack, Christina was quite sure that she would not say no.

"Don't worry, Christina. I'm full of energy." Francis patted her chest as a promise and almost grinned from ear to ear.

It was so wonderful to play with cute baby!

Christina shook her head. She had seen how naughty Jack was. She just hoped that Francis wouldn't be scared at that time!

After standing there in silence for a minute.

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