My Wife Is A Gift From Heaven

Chapter 23 The Despicable Man

Lena thought she was really in the limelight this time, and even the school's celebration couldn't be more eye-catching than her.

There were always many gossips about her in the school, but she didn't respond to them directly.

This time, Cliff himself stood up, told the whole school that if they dared to insult Lena again, the Huo Company's legal team would come to welcome them at any time.

Simple and awe inspiring, and it came to effect soon.

"Isn't it too much, Albert?" Even though feeling good, Lena still felt a little uncomfortable.

"Lena, you have to remember that this world follows the jungle rules. Eveb if you feel pity for them, they may not consider for you."

"If we have the ability to do that, we have to threaten them first. Only in this way, can we save a lot of unnecessary trouble. "

After that, Mr. Huo once again taught Lena about power.

No matter how much information Lena could learn from his words, Cliff would never protect her too much and keep her in the ivory tower like before.

The treasure in his heart could be naive, but she couldn't be ignorant. She must know everything she should know.

"Lena, do you understand?" Asked Cliff, looking into Lena's eyes.

"I will keep it in mind, Cliff." Lena nodded obediently.

"Lena, let's go home."

"Yes, dear zed."

Their figures shifted from side to side. 'you are the one in my heart, and I am the one in your heart.'.

Nora, with short hair cut in a fashionable way, looked at them in shock.