My Sweetheart

Chapter 716 He Had Been Looking Forward To It For So Long

No matter how Mathew next to him stopped or even prayed, the strength of the man's hand was still great.

If they couldn’t stop him... Maryam will be strangled to death by him.

"Joseph...Maryam really will be killed by you, you let her go. I already lose a granddaughter. This is my only granddaughter... calm down!"

He didn't even know if the man who had fallen into madness didn't listen to him or didn't hear him at all.

"Buddy." Lincoln couldn't help but walked over, put his hand on Joseph's shoulder, and whispered softly, "Kathy is still in operation, you can’t kill her here."

Hearing that, Joseph's hand was released.

Maryam was almost out of breath. Finally the force on her neck disappeared, and she fell to the ground immediately, clutching her neck and coughing violently.

Joseph let go of his hand blankly, turned back to the place where he was waiting, and continued to wait.

Mathew frowned and his expression was terrible.

Maryam coughed, cried and explained, "Brother Joseph, I really didn't push could I push her..."

She would not do this, of course she would not.

Kathy was still the rightful hostess of the Joseph family. How could she have the guts to push her downstairs, and still in front of Joseph. Was she looking for dead?

Mathew recalled the situation at the time. They really only saw Kathy rolling down from above, but didn't see how she rolled down.

Taking into account the mood of his grandson, his tone slowed down, "Joseph, let's check this out. Whether it was done by Maryam or Kathy fell down herself, there is no conclusion yet."