My Sweetheart

Chapter 643 Don't Cause Trouble Anymore

West Mountain’s terrain was complex. For a girl with a poor sense of direction, it was really easy to get lost.

Joseph paused for a moment, as if he did not know what to say. He only responded indifferently and pulled her hand to go back.

As he stepped out of the bushes, Joseph took off his raincoat and draped it over her.

In the dark night, he led Kathy the way back without hesitation. Her hand had always been clenched into a fist. Rather than being pulled by him, his hand wrapped around her fist, and she had never been able to open it.

After walking down for almost half an hour, they could finally see the light at the foot of the mountain. In the rainy night, it was like a landscape painting.

Kathy walked more slowly and she staggered a little.

Joseph finally stopped. He wiped the rain off his face and looked at her with a slight frown. "Are you tired?"

Kathy forced a smile. "No."

If it was Kathy from before, she would have already thrown herself into her arms and cried.

Joseph pursed his lips and said calmly, "Don't cause me any more trouble."

She avoided his gaze and said ok.

It was already early in the morning when they walked back to the courtyard where they lived. The old couple was still waiting worriedly. They finally heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the two of them.

Kathy pulled away his hand and sat down in the hall. She gritted her teeth and touched her feet.

The hostess’s eyes were sharp. She saw her swollen red ankle at a glance. "Ouch," she said with concern. "How did this happen?"

Kathy looked at the hostess embarrassedly and thanked her sincerely who had immediately taken the medicinal liquor.

Joseph stood at the side all the time and his expression was extremely sullen.

clean new towel and handed it to him. He urged," Quickly dry the hair for

slowly took it and walked to Kathy's side. His fingertips

swelling on her ankle hurt her. Kathy was trying hard to endure

towel rubbed her hair. Kathy subconsciously

movements long ago. He stretched out his hand and fixed

liquor was very pungent. Neither of them said anything. Only when the hostess left did Joseph frown and ask, “Why

was low and calm.

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the orange light, he carefully studied her expression. His

and wanted to say something, but she quickly became expressionless. Finally, she

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finally tossed the towel aside

her eyebrows. She smiled and asked, "Then why do you

She did not wait for Joseph to answer and walked towards the stairs with a

the night. The stairs were high and steep. Every time she took a step up, the ankle that had just been

the armrest. She walked slowly but intently, not caring about

when she lost her way in the mountains during the day: she didn't feel scared at all, as if she just walked along the mountain road like this, it would be nice if she

huge collapse. After leaving Joseph, all her firm

of Joseph, she could

Joseph only made her feel like she was in an abyss. No matter what,

when he pushed aside the bushes, she was not at all happy to be rescued, but her mood became even heavier, as if she was about to face a nightmare she didn’t want to

cold voice made her come to her

was a steaming bowl of soup on the

that the hostess cooked for you."

out to reach the bowl. Without saying a word, she directly drank the ginger soup. After she finished, she lay

Kathy moved inside. "Kathy,

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