My Sweetheart

Chapter 641 Returning to the Quiet

Kathy turned her face away and nodded slowly.

The owner’s wife looked at Joseph with a smile. "As for men, take a cold shower in the courtyard."

Kathy subconsciously looked through the window at the small courtyard. She suddenly smiled. Could the sheltered Mr Joseph endure bathing in the public bathroom?

However, Kathy was also going to the public bathhouse for the first time. She felt fresh, but more intense.

Because it was summer, there weren't many people who came to bathe and there weren't many people in the locker room, so she didn't find any naked people.

She had never had such an experience, so she felt as if she was a thief at this moment. She hurried into the cubicle with a washbasin and her clothes. She washed herself as quickly as she could and walked in slippers.

The owner’s wife was waiting for him at the door. The two chatted as they walked, “Are you hungry? We can have meal when we get back. Joseph likes sweet and sour ribs the most. You can have a try later."

Kathy put her wet hair behind her ears and nodded. After a moment's indecision, she asked, "Madam, does he come here often?"

"Once a year."

"What is he doing here?"

"Don't all of you in town like to go on vacation? Drink tea, catch fish and eat some farm food."

Kathy was silent. When she was with him three years ago, she didn't know that he had such a habit.

They used to go to high-end hotels when on vacation, but she didn't expect that Joseph would like such a place.

The plastic slippers creaked on the bluestone floor. They just happened to meet a group of children after school. They were chattering, and brought joy to the desolate path.

Kathy was preoccupied with her own thoughts until she returned to the small courtyard. When she opened the door, she was stunned.

dish casually placed on it. Joseph's back was facing her, and

his dark bronze skin. His skinny and powerful waist was loosely clad in cotton pants.

hair. She was wearing a simple flaxen dress. She looked

hint of joy, but he quickly became expressionless. He just walked to the room and put on a

gaze unnaturally. Her cheeks were slightly red because Joseph's lean figure registered in

and visited her for dinner that Kathy came

rich. Sweet and sour

to eat while Joseph

home stayer mentioned his children who had worked outside in

smile. She was stunned for a moment. She only felt that the current Joseph

the feeling he gave her was completely cold and

the meal." Joseph smiled slightly. When he turned around and saw Kathy's surprised expression, a

thought she

the chessboard on the table, while Kathy accompanied the owner’s

panic. What she suffered in the morning was still in his mind, but in the afternoon, Joseph had brought her

on television. Joseph said he would remove the news and

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face. When he caught her relaxed expression, his fingers tapped the table slightly. In this quiet place, the sound was very

The owner looked at Joseph and smiled. "Are you thinking about your

just smiled as he calmly continued

costume drama that was playing was very attractive." Kathy, this heroine looks a bit like

the camera switched, the owner’s wife

pair of hand was placed on

say anything. The owner’s wife quickly stood up and took another chair.

the television, there was a close-up of Annika. She had a slightly raised lip, a beautiful nose, and a

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