My Sweetheart

Chapter355 Do You Really Like Her?

Kathy burst out laughing, some sweet sensations spreading through her heart.

“I’ve nothing to do over there, so I won’t bother you. Take a good rest.”

After replying to the message, Kathy started today’s study plan.

But soon after, Joseph called her directly.

“I had a bad fall yesterday. Now I’ve difficulty moving, but no one is taking care of me.” His tone of voice was less serious than usual, and sounded like a spoiled child instead.

“Why did you fall?”

“You flung yourself upon me yesterday, didn’t you? My wound split open because of you.”

Kathy was rendered speechless.

The truth was that Joseph deliberately held her in his arms.

“Then go to the doctor.”

“I did it. The doctor said I need someone to be with me.”

“I’m not available.”

“John’s already waiting for you downstairs.”

Kathy was again rendered speechless.

She stepped onto the balcony and sure enough, there was a high-profile car parked in front of her dorm.

It was true…

She also wanted to see him…

“Wait a moment. Have you eaten yet?” Kathy asked.

“Not yet.”

“Then I’ll buy you food.”

After hanging up the phone, Kathy went to the cafeteria to buy lunch before getting into the car.

At the hospital.

Veronica came to visit Joseph in the morning. When she heard his conversation with Kathy on the phone, she got goosebumps.

“Joseph, you’re so annoying.” Veronica put on a disgruntled look on her face.

She never had a good attitude towards Kathy.

Even though she had now changed her impression of Kathy, it was because she was forced to do so by her brother.

“If you find me annoying, then don’t come here,” Joseph said in an indifferent voice.

“You don’t even think of me as your sister now,” Veronica was jealous.

“If I don’t think you’re my sister, you’ll be with Julian right now.”

Veronica remained silent, unable to refute his remarks.

had been trying to control her all these years, and

divorced.” Veronica reminded

“So what?”

two shouldn’t keep

marred Joseph’s forehead, and a

felt that Joseph’s emotion was vulnerable at

so she didn’t want him to go on like

you really like her?”

standing outside the door. She furrowed her forehead slightly

“she”... referring


looking forward

Joseph didn’t give an

dissipated and eventually, she recovered her peace


to go home to

she and Joseph were


and responded to her

sat down on

“Come here,” Joseph said.

looking down at the

a loud bang was heard all of a sudden. Joseph got out of the bed, his leg hit the small table

Kathy was speechless.

over, knitting

a rage, crouching down to clean

domineeringly. Joseph sat on the edge of the bed, his eyes deep and filled with intense emotions she couldn’t


feel bad?”

came in just now, her

not in a bad mood.” Kathy didn’t look

her mood because of Joseph, but in

lunch.” Kathy

let go



hungry,” he

“I’m going back then.”

while Kathy was forced to

It was really… awkward.

hospital and the nurses would come in

don’t want to

words, Joseph’s handsome face clouded

was deep and

disrupted, of course she wanted to

to see him; wanted to stay by his

good girl and stay by

any more, reading a book quietly. The facilities equipped in the ward

after, Kathy’s

his attention to Kathy, who was resting her head in his arms. Her profile was exquisite and her long eyelashes were perfectly curled, which made her look

face and lingered on it for a long

sexual desire in his eyes for her was all

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