We entered the house and the first thing I spotted was the brown stairs and then 2 closed doors and then a big one without a door. "José!" My dad shouted closing the door as soon as Emma entered, Emma and Ethan went upstairs, Dylan went to one of the doors, next to the portrait. A man came and I think he was the xhoffet, he had a black suit and he was black.

He got closure to dad, "Yes, Mr Marshall." He said fixing his suit and looking at my dad. "Please get the suitcase and the bag on the trunk and then take to the guest room." My dad smiled. José nodded. "And this is my lovely daughter, Morgan, this is José the xhoffet." My dad introduced me to José and we shook hands. "Always ready to serve the bosses daughter." He said, he walked out the front door.

My dad turned to me, "Sweetheart, you'll sleep in the guest room because your furniture is not yet ready." Dad patted my hair, then left for the stairs.

I was by myself in the middle of a mansion.