My Second Chance

#8 Meeting The Destined One

Sapphire's P.O.V

"Can I touch you?" He asked cautiously as if I was a hurt animal. I bit my lip. Isn't he gonna reject me or something?

He seemed to see the uncertain in my eyes. "I'm not going to hurt you." He frowned. Accept! Accept! I want to feel him, Gwen gushed. Drew grumbled at her. I looked up into his eyes. There were so many emotions swirling. It was like a confusing piece of art. But that was one emotion that clearly showed. If I could choose a colour to represent it, it would be yellow. Because yellow stands for brightness and brightness stands flexible happiness.

I took a small uncertain step towards him. Closing our distance between us a little.

He smiled at me. The cold blooded Alpha actually smiled at me. His smile was like the sun to my world, brightening every single thing in me. His smile was so contagious that even a small smile started to tug at the corner of my lips. He clicked open the other damn chain that was chaining me there with one hand while his other one was holding gently to my already free arm. Just the touch of my mate made my wolf sigh in content. I placed my two free arms by much sides, admiring his muscles that were flexing while moved.

"Are you tired?" He asked, concern etching over his features. I nodded my head shyly. He smiled and picked me up bridal style so quickly that I squealed. His chest vibrated as he chuckled. "Your voice is melodious and angelic." He said as he nuzzle his head into the crook of my neck. I blushed furiously. Not everyday you get complimented for your voice being melodious and angelic.

"Sleep. I'll here someone to get you your belongings. I'll bring you to a room to rest." He said softly. "I'm not tired." I protested. I actually am. I am dead exhausted. I just want to spend every moment I can with him before I was forced to leave him. "You look like you are going to past out in any second. Rest." He said more sternly. I nodded as he pressed his lips to my forehead.