My Second Chance

Chapter 40: Epilogue

Sapphire's P.O.V

"Its finally the baby's due date... Imma become an aunt!" Bella squealed. All my friends were surrounding my bed, staring at me creepily. Its as if they were hoping to see me in pain when I'm in labor.

"Can you guys like, stop staring. Its creepy." I muttered, snuggling deeper into bed. "Nope. We wanna be here when our best friend goes into labor for her first time." Clover chirped. "Yeah. That's what best friends do." Willow smirked. "You're going to go through the same thing as me in another 6 months so don't be too happy. And yes, I've been counting down days." I stuck out my tongue at her. Did my pregnancy turn me mature you ask? No.

That's right. Willow is pregnant with a round belly with 6 months to go. Clover and Lawrence are planning to have one soon and Belle... let's just say she and Cole are trying so hard, I can hear it from my room. Sometimes I need to scream on top of my lungs to tell them tune it down a notch. Damn my werewolf hearing.

"When's he going to get back? I don't want to go through this alone." I forced calmness into my voice as I wriggled around to get comfortable. I have this sudden feeling of fullness near my pelvis. "He's in a neighbouring pack discussing alliance. He'll be back soon." Alec reassured. I've never thought the day Alec and I could talk without clawing each other's eyes out would be this day. "Thanks. Good luck on the baby. I'm crossing fingers that he or she wouldn't take after you." There. I just had to ruin the moment. Me and my big mouth. He glared at me before deciding he was offended and stalked out of the room. "Really?" Willow gave me a flat look. "Sorry. Couldn't come up with a better answer. I kinda have my mind somewhere else." I answered shrugging. "You just had to take a jab at him." Bella rolled her eyes. "That's my job. Of course I had to." I smiled innocently as she 'tsk'ed me. "I don't get why you and Ryder want the baby's gender to be a surprise. Come on, I need to spend some money on my soon to be god child's clothes." Bella whined. "You mean my money?" Cole muttered under his breath but she completely ignored him. "Don't worry. We'll know the baby's gender soon. And we can go shopping." Clover reassured. If there was one thing Bella could do... it was walking through the whole mall several times.

"I usually hate surprises but I love this one. I'm finally going to meet the baby that have been growing inside me. I'm going to name him or her and I'll be finally called a mum. How can I not love that!" I rubbed my belly. I winced when a kick accompanied it. Did I mention my baby had strong kicks? I'm pretty sure there are a few dents in my womb.

But then, another shot of pain went through my lower abdomen. Then another. My friends were panicking beside me, asking me what's wrong. With every shot of pain, my ability to speak seemed to disappear. Georgia, Willow and Alec stormed in, horrified by the situation. "She's going into labor, get a pack doctor!" Georgia screamed as she hurried beside me. The pain was so unbearable that it was getting harder to breath by every second. Alec went since all Willow could do was waddle with her large belly. "I informed Ryder. He's rushing back!" Cole said gently. "Breathe Sapphire. I know its painful but you have to overcome it. Breathe in and out. Slowly." Georgia instructed grabbing onto my hand. I painfully nodded as I forced in air and slowly breathed out. The pain lessened, but not by much. I could feel beads of cold sweat trickling down my forehead. I felt my friends fear as they tried to calm me. The pain in my lowet abdomen was increasing by every second and I couldn't do anything to stop it. Was this how hard to give birth? How did my mum even manage this? Questions like that raced through my mind. Relax Sapphire, breathe, Gwen said urgently. Sapphire, you feel pain, but you don't have to fear it, Drew shrugged. Try this pain! I screamed at her. Fine, I'll numb it a little, she muttered before a surge of cooling energy rushed through my veins, seemingly washing out the fire. I calmed down. "What's happening? Is she blacking out?" Clover asked urgently. "No... its just her demon helping her out for a moment. But it won't last long... not against birth pain." Georgia shook her head as she continued to mutter consoling words to me. "Okay, I'm here." A blonde middle aged woman walked into the room as fast as she could. "Hey Nelly." I gasped for breath as the pain returned. "You remember me?" She asked, a look of surprise on her face. "Yeah... Weren't you from my old pack?" I struggled with words. She smiled soothingly, happy that I had remembered her. "Okay, I want everybody outside, except the person who's going to stay with her." Nelly said, composing to her professional stance. "I'll stay. Its better since I've been through this." Georgia smiled a tight lipped smile. the others scurried out of the room quickly. "Now Luna, this is going to take a few hours. So try to stay calm alright?" She said gently as I nodded my head. I looked at the large window at the side of the room.