My Second Chance

Chapter 18: #18 Forest Surprise

Ryder's P.O.V

"Hey." I wrapped my arms around my mate's slender neck, kissing the top of her head. "Hey. What are you doing here?" She smiled, turning around to give me a quick peck on the lips. "Cleared my schedules. I'm taking the day off." I grinned and slid onto the couch beside her.

God, I wanted to kiss her so much... but the redheaded, Clover was sitting on another couch, looking at us. And I don't think she'll appreciate PDA.

"God... Just kiss already... You guys are eyeing each other like you guys are pieces of meat. And guess what, I haven't missed the lust in the Alpha's eyes. Just get on with it." Clover said exasperated. Sapph blushed while I smirked. Ain't that a nice way to start a conversation. "No thanks. I'll do that later." I gave my mate a heated look which reminded me of last nights kiss. The way she blushed harder confirmed my suspicion of her having the same thoughts.

"I guess I'll have to leave because of the sexual tension." Clover sighed dramatically. "Hey! I thought I was going to train you today." Sapphire protested. "Nope. Go have fun with lover boy. I'll see you later." She grinned. Sapphire frowned, making wrinkles form on her forehead. "Don't do that. You'll get wrinkles on your pretty skin." I muttered, kissing her on the cheek. She immediately stopped frowning. Clover winked at me before skipping out. Yes, skipping. That girl has an undeniable energy in her.

I admit. I told her about my day off and that I wanted to spend it with Sapphire.

"Looks like my plans are cancled." Sapph grumbled, giving me a glare. I laughed and pecked her soft lips. She grumbled under her breath. "Don't pretend you aren't thrilled at the thought of me having a day off." I scoffed. She put on a thoughtful look and said, "no. No, I am not." "Fine." I huffed, crossing my arms. I don't care if I was acting like a child. Who can blame me? My mate, whom I cleared my schedule up for, was disappointed because her friends left and She's stuck with me. "I'm kidding." She grinned and wrapped her arms around my neck.