My Second Chance

Chapter 17: #17 Graysen's Note

Sapphire's P.O.V

I sat up, alert when I heard footsteps. I... I sense Graysen's presence, Gwen panicked. It's not him although I smell his scent, Drew frowned. I relaxed as soon as I smelt my mate's delicious and calming scent.

"Maybe it's just a scent close to Graysen's." I mummered. Oh, Gwen muttered. No, it's his scent, Drew insisted.

The door cracked open and a figure slipped in. "Ryder?" I called. The figure stood there silently. Why isn't Ryler's scent getting stronger? I don't smell him here, Gwen asked confused. Sapph! That's not Ryder! Drew yelled. He was a little shorter than Ryder and way more bulky. He also didnt have the scent that i could drown into. And most importantly, he held Graysen's faint scent. I jumped out of bed, my feet landing gracefully on the ground. "Who are you?" I growled calmly. The figure said nothing and slipped back out the door. Isn't that weird? I sniffed, how can Graysen's scent remain here when nobody's here?

"Sapph? What are you doing awake? It's 12.30, I told you not to wait." My mate's gentle voice startled me. "Huh?" I whipped my head to my mate's presence. "Are you- Hey, who's paper is this?" Ryder asked, bending down to pick something up from the ground.

I ran in front of him, using my supernatural speed and plucked the paper out if his hand. My face paled as I recognized the scrawny writing inside.