My Second Chance

Chapter 6: #6 Bound In Silver Chains

Sapphire's P.O.V

I woke up at a burning feeling at my wrists. My head was pounding. I groaned loudly at the discomfort.

My wrists were locked above my head. What the hell?! Silver chains were keeping my wrists from freedom. I growled.

"Well... The Alpha will have fun torturing you..." A voice said from a corner. I jumped at the sudden voice. The guy who I fought earlier emerged from the dark. "Shut your fuckhole up." I snapped at him. "You should have known better than blindly walking past our borders." He snarled. "Who the fuck are you?" I growled at him. "Alec. Alec Anderson. Beta of the Dark Moon Pack." He smirked. I growled at him. "But... You have a nice body." He commented. I widened my eyes and looked down in horror, but it was soon replaced by a relieved expression. "Thanks." I sighed as I saw a long cloth around my body, covering it from prying eyes. "Don't thank me too soon." He smirked.

Hey,you okay? Drew asked concernly. I'm fine... My wrists just hurts a little, I replied. Need some power to break the chains? She asked excitedly. Tempting, but you know that we can't, I shrugged. You're no fun... Drew whined. I chuckled at her.