My Second Chance

Chapter 5: #5 Getting Caught

Sapphire's P.O.V8

I walked on and on.

Sweating from the insane heat that was burning my pale skin.

After hours of walking,the sun started to set and the air turned cooler, making it easier to walk. The moon rose into the sky, shining down on me.

Last territory, Moon Goddess. Please help me with this last territory, I prayed to the Moon Goddess. I took my backpack off and rummaged through my last bottle of water.

This is the third day I turned into a rogue. The third day I left my friends.

I felt amazingly free being a rogue. No Alpha, no rules, no bullies, no dramas. I was free, finally free.

I stared at the border line of the last territory I needed to cross.

The Dark Moon Pack. The most ferocious and cruel pack. This pack was feared by all. I've heard many scary stories about this pack. The stories used to scare the shit out of me.

I gulped rather loudly.

I need at least half a day to cross this territory since it's pretty big. Half a day to reach the city.

I had crossed 7 pack territories altogether. I got noticed and chased by 2 packs.