My Second Chance

Chapter 2: #2 New Found Confidence

Sapphire's POV

A year later...

I walked with full confidence into my pack's borders. I went to England for my studies. It was a great idea. I needed some time to cool off after being rejected so I decided to leave, finding some solace in England's beautiful moody panoramas.

I smirked at the reaction of my pack members. Males started eye raping my hourglass figure.

"Sapphire? Is that really you?" Someone called out behind me. I turned to face Bella. Her brown hair got longer from the past year. Willow and her blonde hair with iconic pink highlights appeared beside her.

"Hey guys." I grinned at my best friends. "It is you!" Willow squealed and tackled me to the ground. "Okay. Enough with the warm welcomes." I smiled and climbed up.

"You... How... Why... Forget it..." Bella mumbled.

I grinned cheekily at her.

"I look gorgeous right? You have no idea how much work I had to put in to look like this." I twirled around under the sunlight. My sundress flowy and light.

"Sapphire?" A warm hand touched me on the shoulders.

I shook it off by instincts, turning around to see the hot guy that broken my heart a year ago. "Leonard." I smirked at his bulging eyes. His eyes scanned over my now slim figure. "You look hot." He whispered. I smirked and took a step away. "Yeah, thanks. Look, I'm sorry, but I gotta go. See you?" I said turning, not waiting for an answer while my friends helped me with my luggage.

"Thanks guys." I smiled at them appreciatively.