My Second Chance

Chapter 1: #1 Rejection

Sapphire's POV

"I, Leonard Nico McCain, reject you, Sapphire Beyonce Jackson as my mate."

The words that flew out of his mouth with ease were like several knives being stabbed into my heart. Tears uncontrollably rolled down my cheeks. People started laughing and pointing.

"What? Did you really think that I would actually except you, a fat ass as a mate? Gosh, I have been waiting for you to come of age to reject you." His voice mocked.

This time, the tears rushing out were hot and angry.

"You'll regret this one day McCain. You will." My voice came out firm and powerful, unlike the shaky voice I had in mind.

I am strong. Stronger than him.

Stronger than the best fighters of this pack.

Stronger than the Alpha of this pack himself.

A surprised look flashed across his face. He soon covered it with a sneer. "Really Sapphire? Is that the best you got?" He said mockingly. "That's enough!" Bella, my best friend yelled beside me. "And now you need someone else to help you? You're just weak, Sapphire. Just weak." He taunted.

"Fuck off, McCain." Willow, my other best friend growled.