My Revenge Life, Fatty to Sexy

My Revenge Life, Fatty to Sexy

Authors:Violet Marsh
Num Chapters:1285
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Chapter 1285 The End (1)

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My Revenge Life novel Introduction:

ocelyn Murphy và Noah Mason novel

Jocelyn was once the most beautiful woman in the city, the goddess of all the aristocracy, pursued by countless people. To save her boyfriend's mother, Jocelyn had to undergo kidney surgery. However, this surgery pushed Jocelyn into the abyss of life, after -The consequences of the surgery made Jocelyn fat and ugly, her face was not only full of freckles but also nearly lost her life! But more desperate than ugly, Jocelyn was abandoned by her boyfriend and kicked out of the house empty-handed! Years later, when Jocelyn regains her beauty, her life of vengeance officially begins......

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Now he had too many things to say and wanted to explain them to her properly.

Never in his life had he been so panicked as he was at this moment.

After Jocelyn stepped out of the lift, she jogged all the way to her red Maserati and without hesitation started the car and rushed onto the road where traffic was incessant.

Her car drove a long way away before Noah ran out of the clubhouse panting.

He propped his hands on his knees, panting and looking around, but finding nothing, he knew that he was one step too slow after all.

Taking out his mobile phone, he instantly dialed Jocelyn's number.

Jocelyn saw the name bouncing on her phone and the anger inside her churned wildly once again.

She immediately pressed hang up straight away and turned off the phone, dropping it on the passenger seat and muttering to herself, "What a liar!"

She drove straight to Paige's house.

Taking the lift, she went straight to the door of Paige's house and knocked on the door.

At home, Paige was sleeping.

At the sound of the voice, she instantly rose from the bed in a daze, casually draped herself in the white silk robe by the bed and walked straight to the door.

Through the peephole, she saw that the visitor was Jocelyn and was looking very bad, so she was immediately distraught and opened the door straight away.

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My Revenge Life, Fatty to Sexy

My Revenge Life, Fatty to Sexy

1285 Chapters

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