My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-33 I don't need my powers to protect myself!


"Carla! Carla! Save me! I am on fire! My whole body is burning!" I shouted in my head as I looked at my body that was engulfed in fire.

"What are you doing?! What am I supposed to do in a situation like this! It's not me who can control your powers. It's you!" Carla shouted back making me wince in pain.

"Then, who am I supposed to go to look for help?" I asked back.

"Didn't that old lady told you to keep your emotions in check. Can't you see that you might be on fire, but you are not particularly feeling any pain? Even your clothes are not burning for god's sake!" Carla remarked.

Her words made me looked at my clothes. They were on fire, no doubt, but not even a single thread of the cloth was burning for real. 

Just what kind of magic is this?

I have so engrossed in my thoughts that all my previous thoughts of self-depreciation dissolved and the fire around me started to fade eventually.

I looked at my hands in shock that were clean, like I wasn't on fire, but was showering. Not even a spec of ash was there on my body.

However, when I looked down, I could see the leaves around me all burnt and the ground was wiped clean. It had formed a circle kind of thing around me.

You guys must be confused as to what's happening and what the hell am I talking about right?

Let me start from the beginning.

everyone knows, I exited the bar after my talk with Grandma Azrael because I wasn't interested in what she has

it because she didn't allow you to say anything?" Carla

to listen anyways okay. I don't like

tried to read Alexander's thoughts?" Carla said making me

was saying, I went into the forest after exiting the club. Now you guys might reprimand me that why I came into

I don't have any words

that I could live in this world, that I didn't even notice that I was in the middle

the place around me was the only thing burning, I was burning with it. Or should I

my thoughts of self-loathing that I forgot that I have

symbol of my anger towards the world that

to calm my nerves as I noticed the place around

the burnt leaves I felt someone nearing me from my

around to see who it was, however, when

shoulders and was about to start moving out of the forest when

my eyes, I tried to feel

I get angry. I am already in the bad mood, okay? I don't want to kill someone now. So let's talk it out, yeah? I mean if you don't want to die." I

horror, I saw a man dressed purely in black clothes from head to toe, running towards me with a

Victoria. Maybe that person wasn't even here for you. But you have to go around provoking bad people so that they can mess with us, no?" Carla rolled her

that large knife looks no joke." I thought as I tried to spot

powers to knock the guy off." I smiled wickedly, excited that I will get

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