My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-30 Now I know, why I am different!



Earlier, I wasn't able to recall, but now that I have seen her up so close and some of my memories, I suddenly started to remember a few things.


I remembered how she was there when I had fallen into the lake and my adoptive parents were inside the Lakeside house preparing dinner for me. It was she who had protected me but had disappeared in thin air after that. I had always thought it was just my illusion.


I remembered that on my 18th birthday, I had met her on my way back to the house after grocery shopping and had lent her some money as she had appeared as a beggar in front of me. 


At that time she had held my hand and a weird mark was left after she removed her hand. The mark was still there. I remembered her words from back then. She had said,

"This is my gift, for your 18th birthday." 



Feeling myself becoming hotter with each second, I opened my eyes and looked at my hands which looked alien to me. 


I could see some strange violet light around my hands as the scorching heat started to envelop my whole existence.


"A violent light?  Doesn't this means..." She started but stopped mid-sentence before nodding her head as if coming into agreement with something she thought.


"Easy their child. We wouldn't want to turn those hands in other's direction." She warned me before looking at me with keen eyes.


your hands on the ground like that. Looks like your powers are handling their intensity, just fine by themselves." That old lady smiled before she came near me and put her hands on my shoulders, as she asked me to channel


as a violent ring started to form near my hands. It was growing larger and larger as


ground shaking below me.


happening. All I knew was that I was feeling scared. I don't know who I was, or specifically what I was? All I know is I had been living in


to tell me. The pain they had to go through. The judgment and suspicious


fault for being different, that I was being punished. It wasn't until I came in


to stop my emotions, as I saw suddenly the violet energy spreading all around me before it rose in the air making large


on you'll have to act accordingly with them. They'll go to any extent to protect you, even if it means taking someone's life." She


now I know why my daughter didn't tell you about anything. I am sorry Victoria. I am sorry. First I triggered the activation of your energy and now I had opened the gate that was stopping your powers from affecting your life." The old lady said as she squatted down


know about them. It's


but I must warn you. Don't use your powers until and unless it's a life and death situation for you. Your powers will o Lu attract evil energy towards you and your loved ones, and that's the last thing you'll want on your plate since you've found your mate." She said to


"Mate?" I asked confused.


have been hearing this word a lot


Soulmate? Hadn't he told you yet?" My grandma


there something I should know of?" I asked though I knew she won't


I can say is that the boy likes you. What are your feelings for him? As your grandmother, I think I have the right


gist of it. But I can't say anything about it. To be honest, I am afraid of relationships. First, my real mom dad had to leave me, then my friends left me thinking I am weird, them my parents died. I can't bear to lose more people than I already


been a long time since I have been lying to myself, to Alexander, and more importantly to our friendship. It's good to tell your real feelings to someone for a

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