My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-29 A glimpse of past. Why was she sent for adoption!



I closed my eyes, feeling the pressure as a buck load of images started appearing in my mind. 


The images of women running around, the image of some weird faces holding a committee, about an old woman holding a newborn child, about a dark stormy night with thunderstorms, a woman screaming enraged as a white light was coming out of her, about a woman who was staked with a wooden dagger, about a man crying while looking up in the sky.


There was soo many images that I couldn't even focus on one of them. There were hundreds, no thousands of images.


Finally, the images stopped circling before I was pushed inside a hospital room, where I almost fell on top of a doctor who was running around.


I looked around the room as my eyes fell on a beautiful woman who was in her early twenties.


 She looked strangely familiar. 


I know that woman. She is my biological mother, as far as I remember from my previous dream? What was she doing here in the hospital?


Did she look in pain? She was sweating profusely and screaming from time to time. Confused, I looked at her huge belly which was covered with a white sheet, and that's when I understood. 


She was pregnant and was about to give birth.


"Martha, just a little more baby. Push darling. For our little princess. Push harder." A man was seated beside her holding her hand, as doctors were running around and one female was standing near her helping her to push down the baby.


Why did it look like ancient times.' I thought as I looked


look like some royal setting?' I thought as I looked around the


long will it take? Why isn't the crowning happening?" The man turned around as he yelled at the female


turned around, I was able to have a clear look


looked so young and handsome. My mother was also incredibly beautiful, even though she was sweating


towards her to tell her it was going


time. It looked like my


had a baby in

and we will do that.


a look at


having that kind of love from my


around the bed, near the baby girl, my mother suddenly turned towards me,

at the baby girl and was shocked when I saw the girl was no


The little me. 


back at home my adoptive parents had framed a photo of, the little me in their arms, as they posed happily while looking sweetly

done that to always remember the beautiful


my parents when they started


against us! They want to kill the child. I can't let anything happen to my baby! Please do something Nelson. Why don't you ask your father? He can


is only one way we can protect the


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