My Personal Lycan King

Chapter-28 She says I was what? A witch?



"Who are you?" I asked in a soft voice, which was equally confident and respectful. I don't know where that courage of talking was coming from, but something inside me was telling me to appear strong in front of her.


"As Alexander mentioned. I am Azrael the leader of the Centauri clan, my dear Victoria." I heard her voice in my head again. A bit more respectful this time.


"How are you able to communicate with me like this?" I asked, wanting to get a grip of the situation and know how she can put her voice in my head just like that. 

Is she someone just like Carla? 


To be honest it was both creepy and cool at the same time. 

Mind to mind conversation. Just wow...


"Didn't your parents told you anything, when they met you last time? Didn't they tell you who you were and what was your purpose?" She asked with a calm face, though I could see a hint of confusion in her eyes.


"And, what are you talking about? I can communicate with you like this, because you and I are the same, the witches, though other supernatural also have this ability." She said proudly.


I looked at her. Waiting for her to say it was all a joke and she was just kidding. However, when I saw she didn't have any intentions of doing that, I laughed.


literally laughed at her face. Her words sent me into a hysteric of laughter before I composed


Are you crazy or something?" I asked as I chuckled


I are not same. You are different but in a good way, you are the crown-" she was about


How can you do this telepathy thing


guides you, protects you, always stay by your side and in your case, helps you dress up?" She asked, making me feel a bit embarrassed


you think, you are a bit old now to play that kind of prank on


of this old woman trying to

been using all along? You don't remember anything,


could feel that something was wrong about that smile. It wasn't particularly scary, but it felt like she was controlling her

before she changed her expression into that of

to ask her what she was talking about when she suddenly widened her


my god! They didn't tell you, what you are, did they? The nerve of this daughter of mine

this fact than I already was. What will the ministers think about it when they'll come to know about it? The strongest clan is ashamed of their




you." She said cutting

you won't understand a word. There's a lot you need to catch up with. I didn't think I had such an incapable scared daughter who even after knowing what you are, didn't dare to tell you anything." She


Stop right there! Whatever that is, keep it away from me. I have experienced this. You want to harm me! Carla! Carla!" I panicked as the black energy started to


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