My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 132: I’ll still alive without taking it, won’t I?

It was getting brighter and brighter.

A gentle knock fell on the door of the ward, and then the door was opened from the outside.

A white-coated doctor came in tiptoed. As he had been doing in the past two days, he was going to give Ernest a checkup and check on his wounds.

However, when he looked over, he saw two persons lying in the bed.

Ernest had already woken up. He was half-lying on the bed, and another person was in his arms with only half of her head exposed. Judging from the long hair, the doctor knew it was a woman.

The doctor was surprised. “Excuse me...”


Ernest’s finger stood between his lips to signal the doctor to be quiet.

The doctor swallowed his unfinished words back immediately. While he was dizzy by the shock, he understood gradually that it was Mr. Hawkins’ fiancee.

He walked to the bed tiptoed and whispered to Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins, it’s time to check you up and for you to take medicine.”

“No need to hurry. Please wait for a while outside the ward.”

Ernest didn’t look at the doctor at all, only staring at the sleeping face of the woman in his arms.

He was expressionless, still looking elegant and stately. However, the doctor could sense that it was the time that Mr. Hawkins’ had the best mood in the past two days.

Mr. Hawkins even patiently spoke to him in a gentle voice.

Hence, the doctor became a bit bolder. He said, “Mr. Hawkins, you should take the medicine on time, so the effect would be the best.”

“I’ll still alive without taking it, won’t I?”

The doctor was startled, wondering what he meant. Immediately, he answered, “Of course. But it would impact your recovery and it would take you far more slowly to get recovered.”

Far more slowly?

Ernest looked at the woman in her arms again. Pressing his lips, he said, “Please go out.”

The doctor was confused. He had told Mr. Hawkins about the disadvantage, but why did Mr. Hawkins still insist he leaving?

As a super busy man, wouldn’t he want to waste any time in bed?