Ernest felt as if his whole heart was being scrunched, and it hurt badly.

He took a tissue and kept wiping her sweat, then whispered soothingly, "The doctor will be here soon. Don't be afraid. I'm here with you."

Yuna stood stiffly in the doorway, trembling. Her rattled gaze uneasily at Florence, who was lying in the room.

She didn't expect Florence to suddenly pass out and be in such a bad condition.

But again, it seemed to make sense.

She gritted her teeth and her body shivered.

At that moment, she heard the door open downstairs and saw a middle-aged female doctor in a white coat hurrying in with a medical kit.

Yuna's breathing became even tenser, and sweat fell from her forehead.

The doctor was here too.

She would be able to see why Florence had suddenly fallen into a coma. By then, she...

Yuna's body shook even harder.

She hesitated for a couple of seconds and bit her lip tightly, before rushing into the room and falling on her knees.

"Mr. Hawkins, I'm sorry. It was my fault. Ms. Fraser couldn't actually eat anything for the past few days, and when she did, she occasionally threw up, and her appetite was very bad. But she didn't let us tell you, so we dared not tell you. I thought she was just losing her appetite and would be fine in a few days. I didn't expect that ... I didn't expect that she would ... would faint."

Florence was so emaciated that she ended up being unconscious, so the lack of appetite and the fact that she barely ate over the past few days could be the main reason.

Ernest's gaze at Yuna was like icy blades.

He didn't expect that these maids would dare disobey his words and keep him from knowing that Florence didn't eat well and would occasionally throw up.

Damn it!

The fearful hostility emanated from Ernest frightened Yuna even more, and she fell on the floor crying and kowtowing.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It's my fault. Mr. Hawkins, please punish me."

"Punish you? If anything happens to her, none of you will get away with it."