Ernest stepped forward and placed his broad palm on Florence's head and gently stroked it.

The temperature was normal.

Her face was ruddy.

Her breathing was even.

Everything looked normal.

"Eh? Why are you back?"

Florence's eyes opened a slit as she looked at Ernest in a daze.

Like a kitten, she subconsciously rubbed it against Ernest's palm.

Ernest looked at her worriedly, "Why did you fall asleep again? Are you not feeling well? Get up and let the doctor have a look, okay?"

Florence blinked and pulled Ernest's arm into her arms.

She rolled over comfortably and laughed.

"No, I'm not uncomfortable. I'm in perfect condition. I wasn't awake in the morning, and I'm sleeping well now."

Florence shook the book she was holding on her chest, "This book is too difficult, and more hypnotic than a lullaby. I've only read a few pages and already I couldn't stand it."

Ernest glanced at the book. It was one he had read, and it was all about expertise.

It was gobbledegook to the layman, and the more she read it, the more confused and sleepier she would become.

So she fell back asleep reading it.

That reason made sense, but Ernest was still a little unsettled.

"Are you really fine? It would be good to have a doctor come and check you out."

Florence shook her head firmly, "No, I'm okay. Besides, I don't want to be treated by a doctor I don't know."

Collin followed Stanford and they were on the run. The good doctor they knew was not around now.

Now Ernest was in a tricky situation, and there were uncertain risks of finding a doctor they weren’t familiar with.

She wasn't uncomfortable and didn't want to take the risk even more.

Ernest looked at Florence's assured, lively face and thought she really didn't look sick either.