My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 948: One day's sleep

It took more than two hours to get all the affairs of the meeting done.

Although Ernest arranged his most capable man near the small building to protect Florence from any possible danger. The situation was still complicated, with dangers and risks lurking in the corners. He would start to worry about Florence even just after being separated for a while.

Ernest walked quickly and hurried into the house in a minute.

He entered the door and asked the maid that was waiting,

"Where is Florence?"

"Ms. Fraser is there."

The maid spoke in a hushed voice and pointed to the sofa.

Ernest looking at the direction of where the maid was pointing at and saw Florence lying on the sofa. Her face was facing the doorway, as if she had been waiting for someone.

Perhaps it took too long and she was so bored tired that she fell asleep.

Thick eyelashes were fluttering on the eyes, which looked very cute.

But her thin eyebrows were frowning uneasily.

Ernest felt so sorry for her, since the current situation made Florence worried about them all day.

Being in a risky environment, coupled with Theodore deliberately isolating signals from the outside world, Florence's cell phone has been in a state of no signal for several days, and she could contact no one.

However, he won't let this situation last too long.

Ernest stepped closer lightly. He walked to the sofa, gently stroked Florence's hair, bent over, and kissed her on the forehead.

"Don't worry, everything will be settled soon."

He would give her a stable life.

Then, Ernest carefully picked up Florence and walked towards the bedroom.

After putting Florence on the big bed in the bedroom, adjusting the temperature of the air conditioner, and carefully covering her with the quilt, he planned to turn around and leave her with a sound sleep.

At that moment, a small hand suddenly grabbed his big hand.

"Don't leave me..."

Florence whispered lowly.

Ernest turned his head and saw Florence was still sleeping with her eyes closed, but she looked uneasy, which made her grip his hand tightly.

Did she have a nightmare?