My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 840 Shall We Eat Supper Together?

“Mr. Hawkins, I am not being suspicious of your abilities, I am just trying to cover all the possibilities. What if Kieran’s wealth can even rival that of a country’s wealth? If his funds never stop coming, perhaps the Hawkins Group will not last until the end.”

The group would crumble.

It would signal a total defeat in this trade war.

Ernest smirked naturally and his tone was so nonchalant as if he was singing high praises of the good weather today.

“No matter how much money he has, even if that amount can triumph over ten organizations as large as the Hawkins Group, I will always be able to cover for it.”

His careless tone was like a striking lightning in Roan’s ears. He was frozen on the spot.

His eyes widened as he looked at Ernest in shock.

Ten organizations as large as the Hawkins Group?

To be able to beat that many companies, the amount of money needed was unthinkable and uncountable.

Despite that, Ernest wasn’t fazed at all. If he could fork out that much money with ease, then to say that Ernest’s wealth rival that of a nation was just an understatement.

His true ability was lurking below a tip of an iceberg.

This man was a true warrior, and a beast lurking in the shadows.

Kieran naively thought that his financial attack would work, and the Hawkins Group would suffer defeat. At most, he was just having a delusion.

Florence looked at Ernest in confusion and asked in a low voice, “Are you trying to use the Turner family as a back-up?”

Based on her understanding of Ernest, the Hawkins family was always backed by the Turner family.

With how rich the Turners were, the Hawkins Group was just a small peck in their palms.

Ernest smiled lightly, “Do you think that I will be so useless? That I need to borrow money from that family?”

His tone indicated his contempt and disdain for the Turner family.

Although he was the heir, and although those people were begging and crying for his return, he was able to find Florence with the help of the Turner family. After that, Ernest would no longer harbor any feelings for that family.

That family wasn’t worthy of his attention since it was a cold, cruel place.

Florence gave it a thought and agreed with Ernest. With how aloof and arrogant he was, he would never ask for help from the Turner family.