The heat in his eyes faded away a bit. He worriedly looked at her. “Does it hurt?”

Florence gritted her teeth. She shook her head and then nodded.

She whispered, “A little bit.”

They had done it so violently last night. She hadn’t recovered completely.

A trace of regret flashed through Ernest’s eyes. Immediately, he released her, looking quite guilty.

“I’m sorry, Florence. I didn’t restrain myself.”

He left her body. Cool air fell on her, which made Florence sober.

With her twinkling eyes, she looked at him and didn’t know what to do.

She hadn’t recovered yet, and it still hurt a bit. However, she could tolerate the pain.

But, Ernest had got up already. She felt too shy to speak it out...

However, Ernest was quite decisive. Without any hesitation, he picked up Florence’s pajamas and put them on her gently.

Florence still felt hot all over. When he touched her, she felt as if she got an electric shot.

She felt extremely uneasy.

She had never expected that this extreme ambiguity would end up in this way.

It felt so awkward.

Ernest noticed Florence’s depressed face, and his eyes were darkened slightly. His fingers stroked her belt.

In a hoarse tone, he asked, “Do you want to finish it?”

Florence gaped at him, blushing.

“No, I don’t!”

He must be talking nonsense.

Ernest smiled. He put on his pajamas, pulled her hand, and lay down on the bed.

He let her sleep on his arm and whispered ambiguously in her ears, “Be patient. We can do it tomorrow.”

Florence believed that she was patient enough. He was the one who kissed her eagerly, wasn’t he?

Thinking of that, she felt more awkward.

“No way!”

Her hands pushed his chest. “Just leave me alone. I don’t want it.”

Ernest wrapped around Florence, holding her from the back tightly.