My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 416: Climbing the Wall

Looking at Florence’s nervous face, Stanford frowned deeply.

He hesitated for a long while without looking at her.

Then he squeezed a few words, “He shouldn’t have come here.”

Hence, he must leave here.

Florence’s face became pale instantly. Without thinking much, she knew that Stanford must have done something to force Ernest to leave.

She wondered if it had something to do with Ernest’s busy work recently.

“Stanford, what have you done? You can’t hurt him. Or you are hurting me!” said Florence anxiously, her heart hopping into her throat.

This was the Fraser family’s territory. In other words, the whole city was in her family’s control. Ernest had come here from thousands of miles away, and he didn’t have any power here. How could be able to defeat Stanford? Ernest would only suffer loss.

At the thought of the troubles that Ernest might be facing now, Florence was so concerned about him and also blaming herself.

Stanford’s temples popped fiercely. Before, he acted violently and ruthlessly, only concerning about the result without caring about other facts. However, at this moment, he had to explain to his sister.

“I didn’t hurt him,” Stanford said with a migraine, “No matter how much I hate him, I won’t do anything to hurt him. But, Flory, you should stop dreaming of being together with him anymore. You’d better give up as soon as possible.”

After he said seriously, Stanford strode into the house.

The tall man behind him followed in expressionlessly.

Standing at the spot, Florence gazed at Stanford’s receding figure, feeling so uneasy.

Although Stanford denied that he wouldn’t hurt Ernest, he must have done something to the latter, forcing him to leave this city.

Florence was still trapped. If Ernest was gone, where and when could she meet him again?

Thinking of that, she decided to sneak out and look for Ernest.

When there was nobody around her, she wandered around in the yard, without ignoring any single corner. Then she found two or three places less guarded.

them was the pond, but she couldn’t swim through, so she didn’t need to consider

behind a bunch of flowers. The wall was steep and straight, almost three-meter high. Even if Florence could climb up, it

only place that she

knew that Ernest also took this place to come in and go

on and off such a high wall. She couldn’t figure it

her mind to sneak out from this spot, Florence sneaked into the warehouse and


do it. The wall is way too high. It’s quite dangerous. Even if you’ve climbed up, how could you jump

shook her head

a rope, too. I

expect that Florence was so well-prepared. It seemed that Florence was so determined to sneak

Master and Madam found it...”

hostess’s orders. She had never wanted to disobey or comply in appearance but oppose in the heart. However, because of Florence, she was going to help Florence escape, disobeying

it, she felt her heart hammer

lead away those bodyguards and then put the ladder against the wall. Then you can leave. It has nothing to do with you at all. If

how can I

have the heart to

tongue mischievously, but she looked more

didn’t know what on earth was going on with Ernest now. Hence, she must go out and find

that Florence was so stubborn, Tammy couldn’t

overjoyed. With Tammy’s help, it would be much easier for her

to lift the ladder. Tammy walked up and

At least, you

down one after another densely. The sky

under such weather, so

ago into Tammy’s arms. “There’s no security now. It won’t be

wanted to cry

could stop Little

Tammy wondered how furious they would be.

under the downpour, the bodyguards on patrol in the yard all disappeared. Florence and

high wall in front as if she had


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