My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 413: All Were Hiding Things from Her

She should agree obediently and nod in agreement, but she felt quite upset somehow.

She asked, “It’s so late now. What are you busy with?” She hadn’t seen Ernest so busy a few days ago.

“It’s related to the business,” Ernest answered in a low voice, and his tone sounded quite serious.

Ernest used to tell her that he was busy with his business before, but in Florence’s ears now, she felt that those words were quite perfunctory as if he had made an excuse at random.

Uneasily, Florence frowned, her intuition telling her that Ernest seemed to be hiding something from her.

“Ernest, are you hiding something from me?”

“No, I’m not...”

“I hate it when you lie to me,” Florence interrupted his words in an extremely serious tone.

Ernest kept silent. Suddenly, they both quieted down on the phone.

Faintly, Florence could hear several people walking back and forth. They walked at in fast pace, seemingly quite busy.

She frowned, wondering what on earth Ernest was doing.

Ernest said, “Florence, please don’t overthink. I’ll go to see you after resolving the issues. That’s all. I’ve gotta go. Good night.”

After finishing his words, without waiting for Florence to answer, Ernest directly hung up the phone.

All the sounds were cut off.

Florence gaped at her phone screen, looking slightly pale.

Finally, Ernest was still hiding it from her. He didn’t tell her what he was doing, but instead, he changed the topic and hung up the phone. That meant he was lying to her when telling her that he was busy with his business.

She couldn’t help wondering what on earth he was busy with.

Why didn’t he want to tell her?

Florence felt uneasy and annoyed as if a kitten was scratching her heart.

She couldn’t sleep at all that evening.

the second morning, Florence came out from her room

he was busy with, and she didn’t know what Stanford was busy with either. It made her feel as if



seriously, “Dad, may I participate in the operation

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be a designer? Why are you interested in our

was smart enough and didn’t continue with the subject

slightly. She felt that Victoria seemed to be hiding

thought, the more uneasy Florence felt, and she wanted to know the

depends on my mood. In a short while, I don’t think I could calm down, so I can’t continue with the design. Anyway, I can take the chance and

so busy recently that he even couldn’t come back home? After

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at Florence with a complicated feeling, Victoria pressed

in a serious tone, “Flory,

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her in this way, it meant that she must be hiding

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Victoria realized that she must know something. She just wasn’t sure

a serious tone, “Flory, no matter what we are

a pretty smart way, neither denying

in her words. Victoria mentioned “we”, which meant she wasn’t the only one

wondered if Stanford was busy

They were doing something relevant to her and trying to hide from her, at this moment, mostly it should have something to do with

Stanford doing something to

nervously, short of

so busy, and he even couldn’t accompany her.

Victoria’s expression changed slightly.

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