My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 411: Difficulties Came

“You must be responsible to me,” Florence added, glaring at him.

Ernest gaped. He looked at the reddish-eyed Florence in disbelief. For the first time, he wondered if he had misheard anything.

In a hoarse voice, he asked, “What did you say, Florence? Come again?”

Florence approached him closer, grabbed his collar, and said fiercely, “Why? Do you want to deny it? After raping me, you just ran away. You’ve been hiding the truth from and you lied to me. Now you don’t want to take the responsibility, do you...”

“I’ll marry you,” his words interrupted Florence’s words.

He stared at her, stressing each syllable as if he was swearing. His deep eyes were full of sweetest and deepest affection.

Florence grabbed Ernest’s collar stiffly, still looking quite fierce. However, all her temperament was broken down by his words. She couldn’t continue yelling at him.

He said he would marry her.

Ernest reached out and held Florence in his arms.

His chin rubbing her head, he said in a tender and deep voice, “When I knew you were the girl that night, I wanted to tell you it was me. However, you hate that night so much, so I couldn’t tell you.”

Upon hearing his explanation, Florence finally got the explanation of the questions that had bothered her.

When they met for the first time, Ernest was so aloof as a god, arrogant and proud. He even asked her to sign the agreement of a fake engagement.

At that time, he didn’t care about her, his fiancée, at all.

Florence asked again, “When did you get to know it was me that night?”

“On the night of our engagement.”

Before that night, Ernest ignored her completely. However, after that night, he kept pestering her as if he wanted to prove something...

At that time, she thought that he wanted to have sex with her, so she thought he was a shameless rascal. It wasn’t until now did she realized that he had done so because he wanted to prove if she was the woman that night.

It turned out that he had recognized her such a long time ago.

That was why he changed his attitude to her - he started treating her so well and ambiguously.

“Mr. Hawkins, ever since that night, have you done all those things to chase after me?”

Florence glinted at Ernest with unconcealed amusement.

She was way too slow, and she didn’t realize it until now.

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the more worried Florence got. Checking her phone, she found that Ernest hadn’t replied to her message for almost two hours.

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