My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 409: Secret Was Exposed

Maybe because she still felt a bit of pain on her lower belly, or maybe Ernest’s embrace was way too cozy, Florence fell asleep unconsciously.

She slept soundly for the whole night.

When she woke up in the morning, Florence found nobody beside her.

Her room was also empty. Ernest was not seen.

She wondered if he was gone.

Florence sat up in a daze for a moment. She touched the pillow next to her. It had turned cold. She was certain that he had been gone for a long time.

For some reason, she felt disappointed.

If it weren’t that her family was against them, Ernest wouldn’t have to sneak in and sneak out before dawn.

However, she couldn’t see him when waking up and during the daytime, which made her feel quite upset.

Florence wished to be with him aboveboard, so they could be together as long as they want every day.

However, Victoria was against them so strongly, and nor did her father and brother agree. She didn’t know when they would change their minds.

Florence heaved a sigh. Then she got up, tidying herself up.

When she came back to her room after breakfast, Florence wanted to keep chatting with Ernest via WeChat. Much to her surprise, Tammy, who was supposed to leave her room after cleaning up, still stayed in her room.

She was standing in the center of the room, looking quite solemn.

Looking at Florence, she said seriously, “Excuse me, Little Miss.”

Florence sensed the abnormality right away. She asked, “Yes, Tammy? What’s up?”

“Little Miss, I just found this one in the bathroom.”

Slowly, Tammy pulled out her hand behind, on which there was a pack of tampons, which Florence used last night.

It was bought by Ernest.

Florence felt a sense of guilt. She rushed over, took over the tampons, and explained, “I bought them long ago. Last night

time. Before last

a bit embarrassed, Florence said, “Maybe

wine, but

twitched. The wine was drunk by Ernest. She had never expected that Tammy would be so

if Tammy

retorted, “Last


direction question made Florence

enough, she had figured

closed the door of her room. She frowned at Tammy in

pretend that you don’t know this

Master and Madam don’t allow you to be together with Mr. Hawkins for your own good. You shouldn’t

don’t agree because they have misunderstood Ernest. In the future, I’ll resolve the misunderstanding between my parents and Ernest and make

was quite affirmative. Reaching

about my happiness for the rest of my life. I just want to marry Ernest. We are both women. You can

this, Tammy parted her lips, but she couldn’t utter

for a long time, Tammy had been with Florence since she came back to the Fraser family. She had witnessed how depressed Florence was when she came back first and

emotional changes

between Ernest and the Fraser family, but since she was serving Florence, she personally

time, Tammy finally made up

I’ll cover it for you. But the truth will out eventually. If Young Master

thought of Stanford’s fury, Tammy was

Tammy had finally agreed, Florence

“It’s OK. My brother wouldn’t find it. Even if he does, I know how to


was just for the time being. No matter what, Ernest and she would obtain

determined face, feeling quite

they wouldn’t change their minds after making the decision. If Florence and Ernest wanted to get approval from them, it would be far more difficult than

but not dangerous for Florence. Besides, she had gained some

acted as a lookout for

changed her shift to the evening. In case Stanford or others would come to Florence’s room,

Florence in the evening,

Ernest, spending a romantic night with

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