My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 406: Always Wish to Meet You Earlier

Then, he stood up, raised his hand, and rubbed Florence’s hair.

“I’m dealing with my company businesses. You won’t understand them.”

As he spoke, he met Florence’s doubtful eyes. He added, “I like to use some violent means to deal with them, so I was afraid that you might be freaked out.”

Since she came back to the Fraser family, Florence naturally heard some rumors about Stanford. The word had it that he always used ruthless means to deal with the matters, and usually, he would use extreme measures.

He snapped the laptops so anxiously, so probably he was doing some bloody things and didn’t want to show her. It did make sense.

However, Florence looked at the laptops that were hidden behind Stanford on purpose, and she felt quite uneasy for some reason.

Stanford was worried that Florence would keep wondering. Immediately, he changed the subject to distract her. With a smile, he asked, “Flory, you came to me in the evening. What can I do for you?”

Florence’s attention was distracted when she heard his question.

Picking up a glass of milk, she handed it to Stanford with a smile. “I plan to go to be after drinking a glass of milk. Since you are still in the study, I also poured you a glass by the way.”

Looking at the milk, Stanford was delighted.

This was the first time that his sister delivered glass milk to him.

“Thank you, Flory.”

Stanford took over the milk. “You are so sensible. I just happened to be thirsty.”

Florence didn’t know if he truly meant it, but her purpose was achieved.

She picked up the other glass of milk. Then she smiled and said, “Stanford, go to bed earlier after finishing your business. I’ll go back to my room now.”

Stanford was a bit confused. “Why do you go to bed so early tonight?”

Of course, she would date Ernest in her room later.

Florence felt a sense of guilt. Holding the glass, she answered while looking away, “I’m just a bit sleepy. I’m going to bed now. Good night, Stanford. See you tomorrow morning.”


with a smile, she walked out of the study

warm milk, gazing deeply at Florence’s

sister had been hiding something

back to

wondered when he would

reached the door of her bedroom. Push the door open, she

a bit and locked the door from the

she turned around

sofa in her room, Ernest was sitting there gracefully. He pleasantly crossed

he shook the goblet slightly. He looked

joy. She was drowned by

are you

want me to come

head immediately. Of course, she wished that he could come here as soon as

more deeply. He put down

“Come here, Florence.”

her. Florence’s heart hammered, and

lips, she walked to her

she approached the sofa, Ernest reached out and grabbed her arm, pulling her into his

fell and sat on

his breath in

the man in front of her. Her blushed face looked like

slightly pushed him away,

“I missed you, Florence.”

deep voice was as seductive as the poppies, each

She felt shy and happy as if


you come here so early

in one or two hours, as it would be quite late and he wouldn’t be found

at Florence and answered, “It’s always too late for me to meet

her at night? He wished he could be with her all day and all night

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