My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 404: Good Night, Good Morning

Now, even the skin behind Florence’s ears was blushed.

“Okay. Gotta go. Bye!”

After finishing her words, she immediately tabbed on the button to hang up the video call.

The screen went dark without Ernest’s extremely handsome face.

However, Florence’s heart was still hammering. Things and the scenes about Ernest kept flashing through her mind.


Right then, she heard the message tone on her phone.

Florence unlocked the screen immediately, only to find a message from Ernest.

Ernest: “Close your eyes and go to bed. Good night, my good girl.”

His words were full of his care for her in a domineering manner.

Reading the line, Florence felt so sweet that her heart was full of pink bubbles. She was so joyful as a teenager in her first love.

She rolled back and forth on her bed excitedly for a long time before sleeping with the smile written all over her face.

The next morning.

When Florence opened her eyes, she subconsciously picked up her phone. Taking a look, she found a message from Ernest.

Half an hour before she woke up, he sent her: “Good morning, Florence.”

Reading the message, Florence couldn’t help smiling sweetly. It turned out that such an aloof man like Ernest would also greet her in the morning and at night.

She felt so lucky to be his love.

With happiness, Florence typed a message and sent it to Ernest: “Good morning, Ernest. I just woke up.”

Soon, Ernest replied to her.

Holding her phone, she was about to tab it and read. Right then, she heard a click from her door, which was opened.

morning, Flory. Why haven’t you got up yet? Are you not feeling

in a caring tone, Stanford walked in from

at her old cell phone, she

was quite sharped-eyed. He

slight frown, he

Now she could only get in touch with Ernest through this cell phone. She was afraid that Stanford would find it and take it away from

man, Stanford would probably do


He looked at Florence, who was in pajamas, up and down. Then he reached

are you hiding, Flory? Give

pretty sure that she

guiltier. Under the quilt, she hid the phone

answered affirmatively. Then, she decisively changed the subject. “By the way, Stanford, I’m a girl and grownup. I’ll be quite embarrassed if you always break into

frowned. “But you are my

I were

His handsome face blushed

However, he still felt not uneasy because of what had happened last night. Plus, Florence got

after knocking on your

satisfaction, secretly breathing

room, he

Stanford’s attention from her

lifted the quilt

I’ll go downstairs for breakfast after getting dress. You can

that nothing was wrong with her and nor

a bit. He nodded in agreement and walked

the door, Florence hopped on her bed and took out the phone again. Immediately, she

and go


warm again. She replied to

trotted to the cloakroom in happy paces. She found a pink dress and put it

looked young

When she arrived, her parents and Stanford were waiting for her at the

were quite busy with a lot of things every day. However, they would

atmosphere at the table, proving Florence

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