My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter383: About Ms. Fraser

Looking at the escaping back, Ernest frowned slightly. He lifted his foot and chased after her.

Since they both had gone, the maid finally returned to her senses, breathing a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, Mr. Hawkins didn’t punish her. Otherwise, since she had seen such a secret, the maid was afraid that she could be killed at the scene.

However, this matter was a big unethical event. She wondered if she should inform the master about it.

Thinking of the master, the maid suddenly recalled that she wasn’t only delivering the high-tea here, but also she needed to inform Mr. Hawkins to go to the study as the master had known he was back.

She was in such a panic just now and she had completely forgotten about this matter.

How terrible!

The master wasn’t so good-tempered to wait for someone.

The maid’s face turned pale in fear. Without caring about anything else, she chased after Ernest in the direction that he just left.

Florence didn’t know when she was trotting, there were two people after her.

Upon her memory, she trotted out of the house and saw Stanford sitting on the sofa, waiting for her.

Stanford was tabbing on a tablet in his hands. Seeing Florence come out, he immediately put it down.

He stood up and asked in concern, “Flory, why are you running? What happened?”

His eyes were a bit sharp. He also looked behind Florence. Since he didn’t see anyone, his face was darkened.

Benjamin hadn’t walked Florence out.


Seeing that Stanford was quite concerned, Florence paused a bit. For some reason, she was unwilling to tell him that she had encountered Ernest just now.

Then she lied at random, “It seems my period has come. Stanford, please take me home.”

Her period?

Stanford’s sharp eyes twinkled. He didn’t expect that he would hear such a reason.

to face his sister’s period... However, he heard that such a matter could make

why Florence trotted out in a

he walked up and took her hand. “Are you feeling OK? Shall I carry

just lied, so she didn’t need him to

Stanford’s nervous face, Florence felt a bit guilty. She shook her

alright. I

still a bit worried. However, Florence insisted, so

her, he had witnessed their receding figures - Stanford was leading Florence to

he was Florence’s biological brother, if it were that Stanford suddenly had shown up

wanted to confront the young master of the Fraser family

“Excuse me, sir! Sir!”

up with him, gasping. She said immediately, “Master is looking for you. Please go to the study

him I’ll go to

Ernest was walking out of

maid was so afraid that sweat oozed on her forehead. She rushed

that you must go to the study as soon as possible. You know he’s so

Currently, he was the master of the

family, nobody dared

of the house. He was quite cold and determined, completely ignoring what the maid

turned paler. She had been serving for the Turner family for so many years, and Ernest was

irritating the master would be facing his fury, and the person would likely end

challenging the master’s temper, wasn’t

the maid believed that

could bear

master wants to see you because

Ernest’s pace was paused.

someone to look into Ms. Fraser and read something about her, so he asked you to go

grandfather had looked into Florence’s information, it meant that he must

without knowing her at all. Now she had come to the Turner family’s territory. As

have found what happened between

infant matrimony between Florence and Benjamin. They’d rather Benjamin to be single over two decades to wait for the

used to be Ernest’s fiancée. Ernest was also the member as well as the first in line successor of the Turner family. If Ernest got involved in this marriage, there might be

if his grandfather would be supportive or against him

opinions to his grandfather - as long as he was

leaving. He pulled out his phone and said, “Follow Florence

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