My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 397: I Will Certainly Marry Ernest

However, Benjamin seemed to notice nothing, still walk by Florence’s side with a smile.

Florence was quite annoyed. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to him. So she ignored him and fastened her pace, trying to get rid of him.

However, Benjamin was quite tall. He lifted his long leg and strode over, still keeping up with Florence’s pace.

From where they were to her bedroom, it would be a long distance. If Benjamin kept walking with her, not only there would be rumors that they were walking in the garden, but also Florence would feel quite tortured.

She suddenly stopped and frowned at Benjamin.

“Mr. Turner, what on earth do you want by following me?”

Benjamin answered naturally, “I’m sending you back.” He paused and recalled something. Then he continued, “If you still have a walk, I can accompany you.”

Florence had wanted to tell him that she was not going back to her bedroom yet, but now she was choked up.

She wondered if he said that on purpose.

Looking at him in anger, she said seriously again, “I believe I’ve told you quite clear about my opinion. I won’t marry you. Please don’t waste any effort on me again.”

Even Benjamin was trying to be a gentleman, when he was rejected by Florence again and again, he felt quite unhappy.

However, he didn’t show much emotion through his expression. He just put away his smile a bit.

Looking at Florence, he lowered his voice and said, “Florence, I didn’t plan to tell you something, but I believe you should know it.

“Have you ever thought why your parents engaged you with me when you were born? Our two families were not even friends. Since it’s a marriage for convenience, why did they arranged the infant matrimony to you when you were so little?”

Florence was taken aback. She hadn’t thought about this problem indeed.

She just thought that it was a normal marriage for convenience. Her parents and brother told her that as long as she didn’t like Benjamin, their matrimony would be called off.

Hence, she thought that it was not an important engagement at all.

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certainly marry Ernest. In the future, you should call

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surely regret it. This is my phone number. Call

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Florence was quite offended.

at his angry receding figure and then the business card in her hand, she wanted to

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