“Knock. Knock. Knock.”

Right then, Florence heard a slight knock on the door. This was the first response she received after yelling for such a long time.

In a surprise, she immediately asked, “Who is it? Please open the door for me. Let me out!”

“Little Miss, I’m Tammy. Please lower your voice. I came here secretly without noticing the young master.”

She heard Tammy’s deliberately lowered voice from the outside.

Florence’s mouth corners twitched. She felt so helpless. Stanford had gone too far. He didn’t only lock her up but also gave commands to the servants and maids.

“Tammy, do you have the key? Hurry up and open the door, please,” Florence lowered her voice as well and asked anxiously.

“Little Miss, I’m sorry but the key was taken away by Young Master. I don’t have any duplicates. I’m afraid I can’t help you.”

The delight in Florence’s eyes immediately faded away.

Tammy didn’t have the key, and Florence couldn’t go out. They couldn’t do anything.

Tammy continued, “Little Miss, I don’t know what has happened, but that handsome gentleman was leaving. If you go upstairs, you could see him set off.”

Was Ernest leaving?

Florence’s mind went blank. Without thinking twice, she rushed upstairs to the second floor.

The window of her second-floor was facing the front yard. When she stood in front of the window, she could see everything there.

Sure enough, she had seen Ernest walking out of the house and stepping outside.

He was truly leaving, wasn’t he?

Florence felt that her heart hopped up into her throat. She yelled anxiously, “Ernest! Ernest!”

Although she could see the front yard, it was way too far away from her bedroom. Her voice disappeared in the wind.

didn’t hear her or

so upset that tears welled up in her eyes

that Ernest loved her and could be with him. Unexpectedly, they encountered such a

love with a

out of the house sadly and reluctantly. Shortly, he

of him, Benjamin walked

was far away from them, Florence could sense the atmosphere that suddenly became

stood upright, stared at Benjamin coldly and

stopped three steps away from him, his face with a warm and

I didn’t expect we could meet

you here waiting

to expose, Benjamin didn’t look embarrassed. Instead, he

Ernest, you

I’ll stop beating around the forest. Uncle Ernest, as you know, Flory and I have the infant matrimony since we were born. In the past years, I didn’t get married

and me is right and proper. You are an


at Benjamin disdainfully with disgust as if he

the engagement ceremony with Florence in City N.

Dream on. I’m afraid Florence even doesn’t

high-sounding words were all

moment, Benjamin couldn’t remain calm. Indeed, he used to have infant matrimony with Florence, but it was also a fact that the matrimony was called off by the Fraser family

with Ernest, he couldn’t be so confident on this

of love. His matrimony was the marriage for convenience and trade between

love each other. However, that’s

only think that you have an evil intention to

aboveboard, and I came to the Fraser family in the name of the marriage for convenience. It’s for business purposes. Between you and me, if they want to choose, they would

family’s opinion, between the two, one deceived Florence, and the other could at least respect Florence in the marriage for convenience although

firmly believed that he had a much higher possibility than

Benjamin was so confident. He squinted, darkness flashing through his

perspective of the business interests, it

him wouldn’t be defeated so easily. From the beginning, Benjamin didn’t have a chance at

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