Florence had never expected that Ernest would speak those words to her, even in her dreams.

She looked at him in a daze, only to feel that her heart was hammering so violently as if it would pop out from her chest.

She couldn’t even find any words to retort him.

In the beginning, if Ernest wanted to use her identity, he indeed didn’t need to sign the fake engagement agreement with her. Otherwise, they would have registered and got married long before Stanford had arrived in City N.


Florence’s eyes twinkled. Her mind was in a mess. “You have agreed to call off the engagement at that time.”

After she had overheard Grandma Georgia’s words, Ernest even didn’t explain to her. Hence, she had thought that he acquiesced in agreement.

Ernest heaved a sigh.

He said in a voice with helplessness and regret, “I just didn’t want to trouble you.”

He was reluctant to trouble her and force her. If she had decided to leave, he would rather let go of her, even if he would be touched to the quick. However, if he had known earlier that she did love him, he wouldn’t have let go of her no matter what. They had almost missed.

Florence gaped at Ernest, different feelings surging in her heart. It was such an indescribable feeling.

She had never thought that it was that reason that led her to break with Ernest.

He had chosen to let go of her just because of her attitude.

Also, she had misunderstood that he never liked her but only used her. Hence, she left him decisively.

What a huge misunderstanding!

After Florence was shocked for a little while, the uncontrollable joy surged in her heart. She stared at Ernest, her heart beating faster and faster.

“Do you truly... truly...” Like her?

Florence blushed, short of breath. She stammered but couldn’t utter a complete sentence at all.

her blushed cheeks with shyness, Ernest finally felt relieved,

understood everything and

her with his tall and strong figure. With his palms on her shoulders, he stared at

his words smashed on Florence’s heart lovingly, breaking down the defense line in her heart

couldn’t help but redden her eyes,

bent down his head, approaching

he asked in a hoarse voice, “Will you marry

Marry him?

aback, feeling waves of excitement. When they were in City N, it seemed that Ernest had asked her so many such questions. He kept asking her to marry him

felt as if she had two small wings on her back. She felt so happy

she answered

had been having such a will all the

got a positive answer

joyful he was now, but he felt happier than

help smiling dearly at each other. Even the

heard a snap with coldness

“I don’t agree!”

Stanford rushed upstairs, grabbed Ernest’s collar, and threw a violent punch

keep his balance, a trace

a lot of strength

his anger yet. With a cold

his raised fist, he looked

Without thinking, she rushed to Stanford, opened her arms, and stood in front

at Stanford excitedly, “Stanford, stop it! Why

Ernest’s mouth, Florence felt a throbbing pain in

he snapped, “Flory, move aside! I’m gonna beat

hearing his words, Florence didn’t dare to move at

her and looked at Stanford determinedly, “You can’t beat

his cheek, he felt warm and happy

hadn’t been so protected by someone else before. Now Florence protected him

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