My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 391: Love Confession

His deep voice and ambiguous words made Florence’s heart jump into her throat. She even stopped breathing.

She wondered what on earth he was doing.

“Why are you here?” Florence said stiffly, her heart hammering. She tried to ease her embarrassment now.

Her legs were still weakened and she even couldn’t stand up. She had to lean against Ernest. However, nestling in his arms, she felt so awkward, her mind in a mess.

Ernest, however, was holding her quite naturally. He even tightened his arms slightly so that she clung to him closer.

With her soft body in his arms, he finally felt that his empty heart was fulfilled.

He gazed at her deeply and answered, stressing each syllable, “I’m here for you.”

His answer reechoed in her mind.

Florence was startled all of a sudden. All her guesses before were confirmed by him in person, but she still felt as if she was in a dream, so untrue.

Since he could locate the Fraser family, she knew that he must have put on a lot of effort. He must have used a lot of means and came through thousands of miles to reach here. Much to her surprise, he did that because he was looking for her.

She wondered why.

Florence’s mind was blank. Countless possibilities flashed through her mind in an instant, but with her blank mind, she didn’t have the guts to ensure anyone.

She looked at him in a daze and whispered, “What do you want?”

“What do I want? Can’t you still tell it?”

Ernest slightly bent down his head, his handsome face approaching Florence in an instant.

His heat breath overwhelmed her face ambiguously as if he would kiss her lips at any time.

Florence’s body was stiffened. She gaped at the handsome face that was so close to her. She blushed and her heart hammered. The seductive breath from him almost broke down all her defense.

With a messy mind, she subconsciously pushed him away.

She said in a panic, “I don’t know. Please let go of me.”

she wanted to

in City N, she wanted to be with him happily. She treated him wholeheartedly, but until now, she could still remember the conversation between

He wanted to marry her and treated her well because she was

thousands of miles, and the things that he had done for her was just because of her identity.

suddenly tightened his arm wrapped around Florence’s waist. Again, he pulled her into

your identity, when we were in City N before you didn’t have anyone to

to do that, she couldn’t be able to

She retorted in a panic,

the engagement straightforwardly and let her leave City

all, Ernest was such a proud man. She didn’t believe that he would

Grandma, would you confess your

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face changed

wasn’t until now did she recall her decoration in Ernest’s villa. She left with a broken heart and deliberately ignored things about Ernest. It turned out that she

No servant would go there to clean it up usually. As long as

guessed that he probably had

are talking about. Please don’t misunderstand the decoration in your

three balloons with the

voice exposed Florence’s

balloons were the most hidden and deepest confession from

man didn’t only find her decoration in the villa but

She blushed completely.

wanted to stomp, feeling so embarrassed. She was used by a man, who

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at him. Lowering her head, she was about to

her. The tall and strong figure of him was like a mountain that she couldn’t overcome at all, completely sealed the way she wanted to

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him. She roared, “Indeed, I used to like you and I

Hawkins, are you here to mock at me? What have I done to offend you? Why are

hearing it,

and listening to her confession in person, Ernest felt that

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