My Love, Enlighten me

My Love, Enlighten me

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Chapter 129: It's A Trap From The Beginning

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My Love, Enlighten me / My Substitute Ugly Wife

Gloria turned around and saw Edith rolling her sleeve and going to Carl. She went to Carl and punched him on his stomach.

Carl took two steps backward when she punched him. It must be painful. However, Carl didn’t be angry or fight back.

Gloria was shocked. What happened?

After a few seconds of silence in the room, Carl chuckled and said in a low voice, "Edith, you punched me so hard. Do you want to raise me if I'm hit to be disabled?"

Edith’s face was cold. "I said, When I see you every time, I would hit you!"

Gloria never saw Edith like that, and she even saw hate in Edith eyes.

Edith turned to look at her. "I'll wait for you outside."

Gloria nodded.

As soon as Edith left, Carl, like nothing had happened, went to the bedside and stared at Kenny for a while before saying, "Are you really sick?"

Kenny originally said that he would go to the company today, so when Carl heard that he was ill, Carl thought it was fake.

"Stay away from me." Kenny frowned and did not hide his dislike for Carl.

He looked at Gloria in silence.

Gloria understood the meaning that he wanted to express: "Let Shi Ye take water for you."

She was a little worried about Edith, so she went out.

Kenny looked at Shi Ye coldly and said, "Go out."

"I'll get you water right away," he nodded

Gloria said calmly, "I don't want to drink."

Shi Ye: "..." Young master, was getting more and more strange.

As soon as Gloria went out, she took Edith downstairs and said, "Did you know Carl before?"

"Yes." Edith paused, and added: "That man owes me. Even if I kill him, he will not fight back."

It sounded that Edith and Carl had deep grudges.

Gloria did not ask again, and did not tell her about the interview invitation.

The two went out to eat together. The dishes just served on the table. Gloria received the call of "Leon".

She didn't keep his number, so she didn't know it was "Leon".

"When will you be back?" Although the voice of "Leon" sounded weak due to illness, it had a high degree of recognition, which was recognized immediately by Gloria.

"What's up?" she asked

After a little silence, he said, "I haven't eaten yet."

"If you can't eat, let the doctor give you the infusion, I have..."

She didn't finish saying when she was interrupted: "I want to eat what you cook."

His voice sounded weak which formed a sharp contrast with the arrogant tone before. It was not pleasant to hear for Gloria.

Gloria did not know how to answer for a while. She just hung up the phone directly.

When Gloria talked on the phone, Edith listened the conversation.

She shook the juice in her glass and laughed meaningfully: "That handsome cousin called you?"

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