My Hunted Mate

My Hunted Mate

Authors:Tife Story
Num Chapters:52
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Fifty Two

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Before any of them can react, my claws are extended and my hand is in the man's chest pulling his heart from his body, I kill the hunters who circled me easily too. The rest of them are kicked into hunter mode now, I hold out my hands chanting quickly and instantly ten of them fall to the ground screaming in pain and continue to do so while I fight off and kill another two. I shift into my wolf and begin to viciously tear through every hunter in sight, not without getting plenty of cuts and hits.

As I rip apart the last handful, I feel something sharp hit my back, the pain rushes through me and I growl loudly as I finish beheading the hunter beneath me before dropping to the grass, whimpering in pain due to the arrow lodged in my flesh. There are only three hunters left, surrounded by their friends thanks to me.

The three of them creep towards me, getting ready to kill me when one of them falls to the floor with her heart laying beside her, another falls to the floor with a snapped neck and the last one's body falls to the floor right in front of me while his head remains in my mate's hand while he stands staring down at me, I gaze into his lovely blue eyes until I fade into darkness.

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My Hunted Mate

My Hunted Mate

52 Chapters

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