My Daddy Is A Billionaire

Chapter 14 Reduce Internal Fire

The curtain of the ward was pulled open, and the sun was dazzling. Charles‘ eyes opened because of the sunlight.

At the moment, Josie stood against the light, holding a new suit in her hand, watching Charles wake up and smiled.

Wrapped in white panty-hose, Josie sat. His long legs were getting closer and closer toward Charles, let him couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. It took a long time to press Charles' fire last night, but early in the morning, a luring scene came again. Charles faintly felt his nose would bleeding bleed the next second.

"Master, do you want to take a shower to reduce internal fire first? You have two pimples on your head, so it is better to go to bed earlier. "

Huh? Reduce internal fire?

Charles touched his forehead and didn't feel acne. He was thinking about it when his eyes inadvertently saw what he looked like when he got up in the morning.

This look had his confused eyes instantly awake. He pulled the quilt to cover, and his face instantly turned red.

"Next time you go to bed early, maybe you can go to the bathroom before coming in."

Charles was at a loss at this moment. He slept late last night. How could Josie know?

Seeing that Charles didn't talk, Josie began to clean up the mess in person, when walked to the bedside and looked at the toilet paper on the table, Josie frowned.

"Master, you haven't quite recovered yet!"

Charles wanted to go straight out now. If he said the paper was used to wipe his sweat, he wondered if Josie would believe it.

Josie didn't speak, Charles also assumed that he didn't see Josie help him clean up the mess, and quickly drilled into the toilet. Looking at the appearance in the mirror, he sighed.

Charles indeed had some excitement talking with Camille last night, but it could not be compared with the scene when Josie helped him pack that pile of things. Leaving aside the mess in his head, he looked refreshed again when he appeared in front of Josie.