My beautiful boss

Chapter 2 The Girl He Met In The Bar

On reflex, Peter managed to grab the attacker's weapon hand and slap him with his free hand. The man failed to dodge, getting his face bloody and teeth knocked out.

In his rage, Peter charged and started to throw the man punch after punch until his face was red and swollen all over. PA PA PA PA PA! Peter punched and kicked with all his strength. He thought about everything that happened today —his breakup, his failure to find a job —and put them all in his fists. He felt no remorse for the troublemaker.

"You're lucky this time. The next time you cause trouble again, I swear I'll kill you. Go!" Peter said, dismissing the young man.

Realizing his defeat, the man retreated holding on to his battered face. He didn't even dare grab his motorcycle as he ran away. He shot Peter a vengeful look. 'You'll pay for this, ' he thought. Peter ignored him.

If he had the balls to come take revenge, Peter would show no mercy! Peter felt good about the skirmish. It was a much-needed release of all the tension he felt for the day.

As he was about to leave, he heard Elaine falling down from behind him. Peter quickly turned to keep her from falling. "Are you OK?" Peter asked as he held her. He felt his heart beat faster when he felt her skin against his. Her beauty was tempting.

"My foot is sprained." Elaine replied, feeling embarrassed. Her face turned hot as she felt his touch. In slow, careful steps, Peter held Elaine as they walked to a nearby restaurant. Peter couldn't help but feel a little lighter with Elaine's gentle touch and sweet scent.

Meanwhile, Elaine's face grew hotter and redder with their proximity. The people in the restaurant shot curious glances at the sight of the couple entering, especially with Elaine's uniform.

Their eyes followed the new guests as they walked to find a table. Peter helped Elaine to her seat, took his own, and breathed a big sigh of relief. He surely enjoyed the fight, but inside, he knew that it did get a little out of hand. The adrenaline felt good, but it wasn't enough to erase the pain and frustration inside him.

"Please give me a bowl of your most expensive noodles, with additional meat." Peter said to the waiter.

HAHA. The people around them started exchanging smirks and mocking glances.