Mr President, We Meet Again!

Chapter 43 - Don’t Leave Me Alone

Time seemed to have stopped at that instant.

Lin Wen Xin stared at Wang Shen Ze in a daze, unable to react to what was happening.

Seeing her stupefied expression, he smiled and gently caressed the side of her face.

Wang Shen Ze then planted another kiss on her forehead, as though he was publicly declaring that she now belongs to him, and only him!

When it was time to leave the cabin, he took the initiative to hold on to her hand, as he led her out of the place.

Lin Wen Xin still could not snap out of her daze as she continued to touch her lips, while thinking of that surreal moment.

Even as she laid on her bed, she kept rolling around and couldn’t stop fantasising about what had happened earlier.

Would she even be able to sleep a wink tonight??

She has even resorted to counting sheep to force herself to get into slumberland.

-Ringing tone-

The sudden sound from her phone was deafening for someone who is half asleep.

Lin Wen Xin picked up the call without bothering to look at the caller ID, “Hello?...”

“Young Mistress! This is bad! Master Lin had a relapse and just got sent to the hospital! The doctor said that he is in a critical condition and is doing an emergency operation for him right now!”

The servant spoke hurriedly and urged her to head down to the hospital as soon as possible.

Lin Wen Xin immediately changed her clothes and ran up to Wang Shen Ze’s room. “Shen Ze...! Shen Ze!”

She frantically searched for him in his bedroom but he was not inside! Then where would he be??...

room!!” Lin Wen Xin rushed

is still busy with his work as he did not manage to touch any of

Lin Wen Xin pushed open the door, she saw that he was engaged in

doesn’t make any sense at all! Re-do it now and I

pair of Bluetooth earphone, was completely immersed in the presentation that he

seeing that he is hosting an important meeting, Lin Wen Xin did not want to disrupt his work and decided to head to

a taxi on the street. “Sir, my dad is in the hospital. Can you please

rapidly and her entire body could

Please... Don’t leave me alone!” Lin Wen Xin thought to herself as tears streamed down her

already a second relapse of her father’s heart attack. She had always known that his health condition is not good. But

Xin took out some cash from her wallet and already passed it to the driver before they even reached

door and dashed into the hospital, without a

was totally not helpful

is currently in an operating theatre, could you let me know where it is?”

this path and turn to your right, you will see the operating theatre

you.” Lin Wen Xin quickly ran there. She saw their house chauffeur and a few servants standing at the

walked towards her and guided her to the chairs nearby, “Young Mistress, take a seat

collapsed onto the chair as she covered her face with both hands and burst out


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the basement to check on her. He opened the door and navigated to her bed in total


his phone and called her, only to hear a ringing tone in

did she go, without bringing her

the servants who were being woken up, were also unable to

replayed the CCTV recordings, hoping to trace

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