Mr George, Don't Be So Arrogant

Chapter53 Goddess, You Have to Return to me

Riley used almost half an hour only to clear out all of the roses in the ward.

A huge bunch of roses were shoved into the garbage bin outside the ward. The two green bins were crammed full of the roses with remnants of the flowers and leaves sticking out of the opening while some of them were scattered on the floor.

A minute ago, the roses represented the memento of love, but at the moment its fate had taken a turn. Riley stared at the abandoned roses for a while before turning around and left expressionlessly.

If he was going to humiliate her using such a method, she wanted to show him some ignorance too.

“Dr. Watson, where are you going? If the attending physician goes missing, those existing patients will probably unite and aim their discontent at you.”

Serena was gesturing with exaggerated movements to mimic the commotion from earlier on. Riley froze when she heard that. Why was her memory so weak?

“I’ll go over now. Are the patients still queuing?”

Serena chuckled when she saw Riley’s nervous expression, “Wow, so Dr. Watson is also affected by emotional changes. You can be rest assured, the outside world is all cherry roses and sunshine. You have an imminent danger waiting for you, but the deputy dean has arranged for someone to take your place. You’re fine now.”

Why was William interfering again?

It felt like he had her in the palm of his hands. This didn’t feel good at all.

Serena nudged her arm with a mysterious air around her while she started to gossip, “Dr. Watson, our extremely handsome deputy dean seems to be caring about you a lot. Not only did he block off the reporters, he has also arranged for a replacement physician. There must be something going on behind our back!”

“This shows that the deputy dean is just fulfilling his job perfect with a responsible and serious attitude. It’s not like what you are thinking.”

Riley thrust her hand into her pockets and the discomfort she had been feeling was instantly amplified as she started walking. She squinted and frowned while being assaulted by the pain, and she almost lost her balance and fell down with her high heels underneath her.

Serena grabbed her and asked, “What’s wrong? Is it because you have flat foot?”

She was not used to being so intimate with someone else other than Sarah, but she didn’t struggle to break free of Serena’s grasp, “I just feel exhausted. I will be fine after a nap.”

“You scare me. I thought that you have been exhausted and stretched too much that your legs are buckling too. Dr. Watson, it must feel nice to have the deputy dean watching over and caring for you while you are being interviewed by reporters!”

Serena hooked her arm around Riley’s and as they walked forward she couldn’t stop lamenting about that incident from a few days ago. Riley was being awkwardly led along and she was feeling extreme discomfort due to her dislike of being in close contact with others.

Finally, the time to get off work had come. While Riley was changing her clothes, a button fell off her white coat. With a frown, she rolled up her clothes and threw them into the garbage bin!

Just as Riley was just stepping out of the hospital entrance, her phone rang. When she saw the caller’s name, a cold smile formed on her lips.

The last time this person had been rendered speechless by her, but it seemed that she had recovered now. Riley said, “Spill it.”

Freya’s cold snicker sounded at the other end of the phone, “Riley, my dear sister, you are so embarrassing! Your man has carried away another woman in front of the reporters, leaving you, his supposedly original partner behind. You are really something! I’m feeling impressed!”

Freya was never one to spout something good after all. As Riley continued driving, she put on her Bluetooth earpiece, “Are you done with your nonsense? If so, hang up!”

Do you think I really care about that insignificant thing that has happened to you? Mummy and I are waiting for you to be shunned by

you have called to fart in front of me! Even if you are that shameless, I don’t even want to hear what you have to


a dinner banquet at Regal restaurant. Remember to attend, you good-for-nothing waste of the family. As for Euan… I don’t you are capable of bringing

to attend, this mother and daughter tandem would

are you even a match for me? Even if I don’t bring him along, I will let you know that

who the loser is until

you have grown a little. I will see the outcome

She had too much pent-up frustration, and she needed something help her ease that, so Freya and her mother has appeared

an eye,

to do some facial makeover, manicure and also outfitting themselves. They spent the entirety of their two months’ worth of salary

Are we going to do a total makeover and reborn as new human beings? You are spending way too much. Did Euan that

money? I am still the ace doctor after all. I am in the high-income group, did you forget

Riley I once knew. You have unbearably turned into a forlorn housewife after being married to Euan. Goddess, you have to

and replied, “You

the charming woman inside the mirror as she applied a rose colored lipstick to her lips.

Riley reached out her hand, “Pass me the car


tonight. Don’t you think that I should have some gear? My car

Great! Here you go with the

but no matter. She accepted the tiffany necklace and wore it

bad, not bad. You must use all of your might to destroy

smirked confidently,

made it as clear as day. There was a long line of luxury cars

had poured

dresses and skirts could be seen whipping up a storm. A young lady dressed in white evening

long time no see. You are looking younger every time

the last time we met, it was at the auction last year. After not seeing you for such a long time, I heard

thank you for

hall, Freya and Lauren Murphy were welcoming and tending to the guests. All those who attended this banquet were distinguished

to scour more wealth into her pockets. She always

knew how the Watsons were doing, but they knew the truth pretty

course, this

was clutching a small purse embroidered with tiny diamond stones. Her ring finger had a huge diamond ring on it, which was a gift

bother to doll herself up, but that didn’t mean she didn’t have the package to

hair was being tied up high, exposing her earrings which sparkled and swayed on her neck. In the middle of her clavicle bones, the diamond necklace was

of jewelry on her, but those who were in the know could see that

Riley had appeared at such an occasion. After entering the

today is such an important day.

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