Mr George, Don't Be So Arrogant

Chapter50 Ten Thousand Roses Fill the Hospital

"I’ll get what belongs to me."

After a busy day, Riley leant on the balcony railing of the hospital, remembering what William said.

In the western sky, there was a spectacular sunset. Riley put one hand in the pocket of her white coat and held a cup of hot coffee with the other hand that she had just poured, quietly appreciating the sunset.

She suddenly recalled the years when she studied in America. At that time, she shuttled through the library, laboratory, classroom and apartment every day. She was busy, but she felt fulfilled every day. And she had no time to grieve over the changes of seasons. Although she was tired at that time, her life was so comfortable and simple.

But now, everything had changed. The youth time went further and further away, and her face always revealed fatigue and boredom. There was no trace of innocence on her.

Then, she met Euan.

After meeting Euan, Riley’s life began to derail. She began to be reckless and her life was out of her control.

If time could stop at the moment when people first met, how good should it be?

Euan was still a tidy man in white and strode past her.

She missed that time very much and his image was engraved upon her heart. She just needed to treasure that memory as an ordinary encounter and a memory of a good glance.

If nothing happened later, what would they be like now?

Riley took a sip of her coffee, which was so bitter. She forgot to put sugar in it.

She remembered that Euan never put sugar in his coffee. He liked tasting the bitter coffee. He liked slowly tasting coffee, and he only drank Blue Mountain coffee.

The freshly ground coffee was very fragrant. If the coffee was put in his cup, it would be more charming.

She wanted to know…

What was Euan doing at this time?

Did he occasionally recall the past?

"Dr. Watson? Why are you here alone?" If someone hadn’t suddenly interrupted Riley’s thoughts, she didn’t know how long she would be in a daze.

Riley looked up and recognized the pregnant woman whose husband was ill.

She said with a smile, "Nothing. How did you get here?"

That woman was carrying a paper bag full of things in her hand, "I asked a few people to know you were here. I finally find you. Thank you for saving my husband. My husband is now out of danger and his condition is stable. Thanks for a million!"

Riley was tortured by rumors and abuse for some days, and now she finally heard warm words. She was moved, "That’s good. You’re pregnant and you should have a good rest."

That woman smiled and nodded, "Dr. Watson, my parents came from home to see my husband. This is the specialty I asked them to bring. Please don’t refuse."

She handed the paper bag to Riley with both hands, showing an innocent smile.

Riley didn’t refuse, took the paper bag and said, "Thank you. I’ll eat up them well."

That woman smiled, then pondered and said, "Dr. Watson, I don’t believe those things are true. Dr. Watson, you are a good doctor. You didn’t do anything bad!"

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some days, and her home was even more desolate. It was very desolate in the kitchen. The flowers in the vase in the living room

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off her windbreaker and hung it on the hanger. She began to clean up her room, clean away the withered flowers and leaves, pour out the water, mop and scrub the floor and dump the leftovers in the fridge. After being busy for a while, she got

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was still a long way to go home. Riley had an idea. She put down her shopping bag, took out her mobile phone and pretended to answer the

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"Hello," She said calmly.


Euan asked loudly.

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