Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 815: I Had a One Night Stand

Sherry frowned, "Mom, don't say that ..."

Mrs. Perry waved her hand, "I don’t want to talk to you anymore. I've already said what I need to say anyway, and what to do next is up to you."

Back at home, Sherry was much quieter.

Mrs. Perry was cooking in the kitchen, and she was standing on the balcony when she received a message from Elliot.

Elliot texted: Did you have a hard time just now? I'm sorry. I didn't expect Mrs. Perry to show up out of the blue either ...

Sherry took a deep breath and adjusted her mood as she typed her reply.

Sherry texted: Nothing, what time do you get off work in the afternoon? Can I come to your school for a walk?

Elliot texted: I'm getting off at five. You can come straight over.

Sherry texted: Okay.

During dinner, Mr. Perry saw her sulking and asked, "Sherry, what's wrong with you? You went to ask Uncle Bennett for help this morning, right? Didn't things work out?"

Sherry shook her head before saying again, "No, Uncle Bennett is quite nice and nothing is wrong. I just ..."

Mrs. Perry continued, "She just didn't sleep well last night. Forget about her. Let's eat."

Mr. Perry continued, "Then go in and take a nap after dinner, and when you wake up, go and have fun with your friends. You haven't been back for a while either."

Sherry let out a breath, "No need. I've got a date with Elliot this afternoon and I'm going to hang out at his school."

Mrs. Perry and Mr. Perry both paused, and after exchanging glances for a moment, Mrs. Perry eased her tone, "Dating is good. In terms of being a partner, Elliot is better in every way than Brandon... Anyway, it's a good thing that you chose him. Don't you worry!"

Sherry had wanted to try to get along with Elliot because she wanted to make them happy, but before she even started, her mother mentioned marriage, so the rebellious feeling in her heart rose up again.

She whispered, "Who said I was going on a date with him? There are so many boys in the university. I can find one there."

Seeing that his wide was about to get angry again, Mr. Perry hastened to persuade her, "Okay, okay, let's eat."

Sherry also felt that it had gone to far by saying such words in front of them and muttered, "I'm just kidding."