Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 806: Are You Guys in Love?

On the way, Sherry saw the sun setting bit by bit.

It would take them an hour to go back to the downtown by driving.

It seemed that she couldn’t take photos of the Thames today.

However, the landscape here was not bad, either.

She saw a big lake from afar, which reflected the setting sun.

Sherry pulled out her camera and pressed the shutter.

When Daniel turned around, he saw the scene.

She was standing there holding a camera. Her long hair was brushed by the breeze. Behind her was the setting sun, whose light was painting the outline of her figure.

For a moment, his breath had been taken away.

Ever since Lyndon took him away and Amanda controlled him, he had been thinking about a question for dozens of nights.

He asked himself whether he would resign himself to the fate of dying like that.

He had never been so enthusiastically in love before.

He didn’t have the desire to fall in love in the past.

He couldn’t even remember most of the women whom he had dated.

They only got what they needed. The impulse driven by the physical desire came and went fast.

Hence, they disappeared from his memory quickly as well.

However, Sherry was entirely different. She was optimistic but not arrogant, enchanting but not garish.

Daniel’s first impression of her was she was a good-tempered girl with lovely characters. Later, he found that she had a crush on him.

However, he didn’t take her crush seriously. They could date if she were in London and he didn’t dislike her.

He had been to City N for business, though. Besides, she was Stella’s friend, and Stella was Clarence’s wife. He didn’t want to have many things to do with Sherry. He went to find her to achieve his goals.