Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

Chapter 801: Squeeze Time for Making a Baby

Winnie had dinner and chatted with them until half past ten.

Because she drank a little wine and didn't drive her car, she took a taxi to go home.

On the way back, Winnie leaned against the window and kept looking out. Nobody knew what she was thinking.

She looked a little distracted.

She entered the building and took the elevator. Her mobile phone vibrated. It was her friends who reminded her to ask about the new product of Starry Sky.

She almost forgot.

Winnie kneaded her swollen painful temple and sent a voice message to Stella while getting out of the elevator.

"My friend wants the pair of earrings I wear today, but they are out of stock online. I want to ask if there are those in your studio. If so, I'll ask her to come tomorrow..."

Winnie suddenly stopped and release the voice button.

She asked, "Why are you....?"

Channing squatted at the door of her house, looking at his mobile phone. His jaw was sharper under the reflection of the light from the phone screen.

Next to him were two bags of fruit and vegetables from the supermarket.

Seeing Winnie, Channing packed up his cell phone and stood up.

Winnie said, "When did you come here?"

Channing pursed his lips, "Not long ago."

Winnie didn't believe it. She looked at the supermarket shopping bag on the ground in which some ice had melted. There was a small pool of water on the ground.

A guess arose in her mind. She asked in surprise, "Did you come here after school?"

Channing didn't speak, and just picked up the shopping bag.

Winnie knew that she was right.

As she opened the door, she said, "Why didn't you call me when you came, or you could stay in the security room. I can't believe you've been here for so long."

Channing whispered, "I'm afraid you're busy, so I didn't bother you."