Hearing her friend say so, Winnie picked a lot of clothes in the store.

Seeing the girlie clothes in the store, her friend felt like they were back in the school days. Stimulated by this scene, she also chose several clothes.

In the end, they bought so many clothes that they couldn't carry them all back, so they left the address for delivery.

Walking out of the store, her friend took Winnie's arm and said with emotion, "I haven't worn such girlie clothes for many years. It feels like I'm 18 years old again, not bad."

Winnie gave a little cough and said, "Not bad... Yeah. Live young, live free, right?"

After they took a few more steps, her friend suddenly stopped and looked ahead, "Look, isn't that the advertisement of Starry Sky? The ads are already put up in the mall."

Winnie looked along her line of sight. A big poster were hung from the top of the mall.

It must be Donald's idea.

Her friend looked around and pointed to the wall not far away, "Wow, there is also a picture, and in the picture..."

She came closer and said, "There are two people!"

Winnie suddenly hesitated to walk ahead.

Her friend pulled Winnie over and said excitedly, "This boy is much too handsome!"

There was only a profile of Channing in the picture, but it was attractive enough.

Many girls around took out their phones to take photos and whispered about who the guy is.

Winnie was afraid of being recognized, so she quickly pulled her friend away.

They wandered for a while. Because of guilty conscience, Winnie bought gifts for Sherry and Stella. Separated from her friends, she went straight to the studio.

Sherry said, "You came just in time. I was about to call you. Yesterday, online sales were particularly high. Many people came to the studio these two days. How about having a celebration party in the evening?"